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A new national campaign aims to increase bulb sales...and autumn profits

| August 15, 2011

Just when garden centers have written off bulbs as a fall profit-driver, a new national campaign aims to bring these old standbys back into the spotlight.

A group of flower-bulb trading companies has formed a foundation dedicated to promoting the benefits of bulbs, and they’ve tapped Woodbine—a brand-revitalization company—to launch the promotional program.

“We believe our campaign has the potential to do for the flower bulb industry what ‘Got Milk’ has done for the milk industry,” said Peter Mitchell, Woodbine president and CEO.

Garden Center recently talked with Kris Kris Kriofske of Woodbine about the campaign’s strategy.

Can you describe the creative process that produced “The Ladies” used in this campaign?

In 2009, an in-depth research study was conducted to gauge flower bulb usage, attitudes, awareness and to identify current barriers as well as future growth opportunities for the bulb industry. Findings suggested there was an opportunity to reach a new, younger generation of gardeners (Gen X and Gen Y) who say that they would be interested in bulbs if they knew more about them. We just needed to simplify and demystify the bulb-growing process for them.

Traditionally, bulb marketing focused on new varieties. The message was also targeted to women who already had some growing expertise. New gardeners were not receiving the basic information they needed. To overcome obstacles and generate more demand for bulbs, we had to dig deeper ... into their lives as women.

We know that you cannot talk to consumers as if they are one-dimensional. These women are not just gardeners; they are mothers, wives, friends, fashionistas and so much more. Through our experience with marketing to women, we knew we needed to go beyond the new varieties and beauty story. Just as we do with brands, we had to make bulbs stand for something bigger.

Dig.Drop.Done is designed to reach women in the context of their busy lives. Hearing our message from three different women—in different life stages and with varying degrees of gardening expertise— gives the campaign credibility instead of talking at them from industry standpoint. The ladies—Marcy, Juliana and Evelyn—help the audience relate to flowering bulbs on a much deeper level.