Saturday, December 20, 2014

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Top 100 IGCs: #heyswansons, how did you get so good at social media?

By Michelle Simakis

How a hashtag and other unconventional marketing efforts helped Seattle-based Swansons Nursery start real conversations with customers online and increase sales. More

Product Spotlight

Veggie Confetti – Sweet & Savory Mix

New micro-greens “Veggie Confetti – Sweet & Savory Mix” was developed in Wethersfield based on taste, color and time to... More

The Elegant Lion Planter

The Elegant Lion Planter is the largest of three sizes of the Lion Planter Group designed by Brookfield Co. artists, Hilda Jones and John Cline. ... More

28" Wrap Around Container

Eckert's Greenhouse has announced the addition of the 28" wrap around container. This container has the same water-saving abilities, easy... More

Recycled Paperboard Pots

Botanical Interests’ paperboard pots make gardening simple and eco-friendly. Simply “pop” open the 3 inch by 3 inch by 3 inch... More

Jump Start Mini Germination Station

The Jump Start Mini Germination Station delivers big results in a small space! Start seeds indoors, or propagate cuttings any time of the year. Each... More

Latest News

Small Business Administration Launches 2015 Emerging Leaders initiative

Entrepreneurship training initiative sparks increased small business growth and job creation. More

Bergen County garden centers give way to development

A handful of garden centers and farms in the New Jersey county are closing due to decreased business, offers from developers. More

Happy holidays from Garden Center magazine

Wishing you and your loved ones a happy and safe holiday season. More

Plant ratings from 2014 trials now available in database

After three trialing seasons, The National Plant Trials Database has more than 30,000 plant ratings. More

All-America Selections names 'Butterscotch' winner

The new butternut variety was developed by Johnny's Selected Seeds. More

SuperNaturals Grafted Vegetables releasing Ketchup 'n' Fries

The tomato stem grafted onto potato roots will allow growers to harvest both tomatoes and potatoes from the plant. More

Why we need horticulturists

By Washington Post

Washington Post columnist and author calls for skilled horticulturists to rise to the challenge. More

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