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The Simple Pleasures of Growing and Enjoying
Your Garden’s Most Versatile Veggies 


By: Doug Oster


240 pages, paperback


 In today’s downturned economy, one sector is trending sharply up: backyard vegetable gardening. Americans are staying closer to home, traveling less, and literally tending to their gardens – by the millions. And they’re not shy about reaching out for help and advice.

 Doug Oster, popular radio talk show gardening expert and newspaper garden columnist, gets more questions about tomatoes than any other vegetable.  What’s #2? Garlic. Basil is not far behind for its delicious versatility in cooking. It’s time for a book about these 3 favorites of the American kitchen.

No matter if a garden is a loft balcony or a backyard in the ‘burbs, Doug leads his readers step by step with his trademark “how I do it” humor and Julia Child honesty…with a bonus prize of 30 delicious, simple recipes as a reward for their labors.

This book is for beginners and old-timers alike. Includes 64 full color photographs.



With generous helpings of 4-color photos, this book is a balance of savvy organic gardening tips, a little horticultural history, serious and funny cautionary gardening tales…and those home-tested recipes (the gastronomic payoff for all that hard work and devotion).



Doug Oster is the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette’s Backyard Gardener, and writes a nationally syndicated herb and cooking column for the LA Times Syndicate. He is a regular guest on Martha Stewart’s “Morning Living” show (Sirius XM), appears regularly as the garden expert on “Pittsburgh Today Live” (CBS’s KDKA-TV) and co-hosts the popular radio show “The Organic Gardeners” (KDKA).  

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