Get ready for the 2018 California Spring Trials

Get ready for the 2018 California Spring Trials

Prepare for your trip with our sneak peek of new varieties that will be featured at the stops.

April 4, 2018
Michelle Simakis
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The 2018 California Spring Trials kick off Saturday, April 14, and multiple plant breeders will be showcasing new varieties, from the latest annuals and perennials to vegetables and succulents. Prepare for your trip to the West Coast with our 2018 Spring Trials Guide, which includes highlights from each of the stops and a sneak peek of the plants companies will be showcasing. You can read our preview in Garden Center’s March 2018 issue or follow the links below for details. 

Stay tuned to Garden Center magazine for highlights during the event, our video coverage, newsletters and live updates from our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. 

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