2017 Spring Trials Day 2: A feast, a calibrachoa tree and glamour

2017 Spring Trials Day 2: A feast, a calibrachoa tree and glamour

Day 2 featured stops at GroLink, Chisan Orchids Nursery and Windmill Nursery.

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We started day 2 of the California Spring Trials at GroLink, where a number of companies were exhibiting plants, certification services, fog systems and more.

Again today, we noted a trend with breeders displaying not only their new varieties, but also refocusing and drawing renewed attention to successful plants already in the market. PlantHaven was one such example, which presented an old favorite, Ajuga 'Black Scallop,' in a tree form mound, which CEO Robert Bett dubbed the "Death Star."

A feast awaited us at the Hort Couture display, where an elegant and eye-catching farm-to-table concept served as the backdrop for some of the new edible and ornamental releases — check it out in the video below.

Suntory Flowers "revved up" its Surfinia line with the introduction of the Trailing Red petunia and stopped attendees in their tracks with its motorcycle display.

Plants, especially gerbera daisies, can contribute to cleaner air in the home, according to research from NASA. This concept was incorporated by Florist into its new Pure Blooms marketing concept. The company recommends grouping 5 gerbera plants in a room for maximum air cleaning potential.

At the new Chisan Orchids Nursery stop, we had the chance to see plants from Hishtil, Cohen and Jaldety. A display in the middle of the trials caught our eye — grafted calibrachoa "trees" from Hishtil, the first we had ever seen (see photo). They were flanked by ornamental pepper and basil topiary-like plants.

We finished the day at Windmill Nursery. Kiwi Flora gave a sneak peek of future introductions, including Beach Ball pittosporum, which will be released in 2019 through the Sunset Western Garden Collection.

J. Berry Nursery brought glamour to Spring Trials with its vibrant Hollywood Hibiscus collection and glitzy decor.

Terra Nova Nurseries grouped its varieties into three categories that have been of interest to consumers recently: water-wise, easy-care landcape and pollinator-attracting plants. Among the new variety standouts were the two new colors in the Lewisia Constant collection, Fuschia and Coral.