Cha-ching! (1-6)

This Arkansas retailer knows how to throw a party

January 6, 2012
Yale Youngblood

Over the years, services at garden centers have evolved and grown to meet customer needs, but they've generally focused on plant-related activities.

At Botanica Gardens, the thinking has veered way wide of the box, as the Little Rock, Ark., retailer has added "Party Planner" to its portfolio -- and with favorable results.

Whether a customer wants to throw a big event for 300-plus people or just wants to entertain a few close friends,  Botanica Gardens owner Chris Olsen can craft an event to remember. Olson works with customers to find unique venues and to create the ideal atmosphere, whether it is a sophisticated, elegant or slightly off-beat gathering.

Event services include party planning and development, fresh floral accents (there's the plant hook), catering management, lighting, sound, party decorations, and set up and take down.

The goal, of course, is for everyone to have a good time -- and to ensure that party goers remember who helped create that good time. There's certainly profit potential with the event proper. But the residual goodwill pays big "Cha-ching!" for Botanica Gardens down the road.

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