Dümmen Orange acquires Florexpo Europe

Dümmen Orange acquires Florexpo Europe

The purchase comes shortly after Dümmen Orange's acquisition of Florexpo in Costa Rica.

January 26, 2016
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After acquiring the activities of Florexpo in Costa Rica in 2015, Dümmen Orange has also acquired Florexpo Europe, a company specialized in sales, marketing and distribution of perennials, herbs and grasses in Europe. Dümmen Orange takes over all marketing and sales activities of Florexpo Europe starting in April. From that point, all standing and future orders will be taken over by Dümmen Orange.

According to Eugenia Figueres Altmann, managing director of Florexpo Europe, the move will benefit customers and breeders Florexpo has worked with. "Over the years, we have worked very closely with our customers and breeders. Over time, strong partnerships with very close ties evolved. We are therefore very pleased that – in our conversations – Dümmen Orange has shown a lot of respect for the relationships we built with customers and breeders. I am certain that this move will benefit all stakeholders, especially with the strong supply chain that Dümmen Orange offers. We are also thankful to see that our heritage will carry forward within Dümmen Orange.”

According to Thomas Bousart, managing director of Dümmen Orange and responsible for the sales of perennials in Europe, this move further improves the position in perennials of Dümmen Orange in Europe.

“Florexpo has built a good assortment, an outstanding sales and breeder network on top of a professional team of employees. We have a lot of respect for this rich heritage of the family business. Florexpo Europe fits the family-based heritage of Dümmen Orange well. We will do everything in our powers to make the customers feel at home with Dümmen Orange as they did with Florexpo Europe.”

Biense Visser, CEO of Dümmen Orange adds: “This is the first of several ‘buy and build’ acquisitions in 2016 for Dümmen Orange. It is part of our growth strategy – aimed at creating synergies in technology, production and sales. We strengthened our position in perennials in North America significantly with the acquisition of Florexpo, and now also in Europe with the acquisition of Florexpo Europe. The programs in succulents, herbs and grasses are now in our European portfolio as well. Our ambition is to be a top 3 player in all major products.”