Read the February 2018 issue online

Read the February 2018 issue online

A story of next-generation IGC leadership, staffing tips from the Spring Survival Guide and more.

March 2, 2018
Conner Howard
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Don't miss our February issue, which is available online and as a digital edition.

In this issue, we present the story of sisters Casey Landa and Madison Landa Williams, third generation co-owners of Boulevard Flower Gardens, a family IGC undergoing a physical and philosophical transformation, with a new building under construction and shift in business priorities taking shape. Casey and Madison explain their process for right-sizing the family business, including a renewed focus on plant product, a new building under construction and a streamlined customer experience.

We're also bringing you the 2018 Spring Survival Guide in this issue, which is dedicated to the many facets of staffing and human resources, an issue often cited by our readers as their most pressing concern. Read on for recruiting tips, strategies for training staff, warning signs among staff that shouldn't be overlooked and a look at organizations training future garden center retail professionals.
This spring, consider some sources of employees that you may have been overlooking, such as people with disabilities, people with prior criminal convictions and volunteers from local organizations.
Keep an eye out for a look at web-based recruiting solutions, tips for providing unforgettable experiences in your store, statistics on small business hiring and more.
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Pictured above: Sisters and third-generation owners Casey Landa, left, and Madison Landa Williams stand in front of the future Boulevard Flower Gardens building, which will be smaller but more focused than the last incarnation of the business. Photo by James Linkowitz.