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Here are some spring products sure to boost the bottom line

February 23, 2011
Garden Center

1. Smart Pot // High Caliper Growing
Edibles are still hot. Consequently, items tied to edibles still hold clout in the market. The patented Smart Pot is a soft-sided, fabric container that has the rigidity to hold its shape and can even support large trees. But its best selling point in 2011 is that it helps produce incredibly hardy—and tasty—vegetables. The aeration container has a unique ability to air-prune and enhance a plant’s root structure. It is now available in a variety of sizes.

2. Plant Hanger // Good Earth Manufacturing
The elegant Plant Hanger holds almost all 8-inch to 10-inch pots, including clay planters and hanging baskets. A great selling point: The product is a display in and of itself, especially when used in the store with striking planters and beautiful plants. In fact, the Plant Hanger is an excellent anchor for vignettes such as the one shown here. It comes in rust, dark roast and black and is made of 100-percent recycled aluminum.

3. Shroomyz ceramic mushrooms // JJ Potts
Add a whimsical burst of color to the garden. Bright hues and unique designs make these garden decoratives the perfect “happy” accent for practically any setting, and because this stands to be “The Happy Year” for gardening, they should be big sellers in 2011. The group pictured here is the Fantasy Collection; the Shroomyz line also includes the Funtasmic Collection, the Crystal Collection and the Micro Collection.

4. WoollyPockets // Woolly Pocket Garden Company
This item has great sales potential, not only because it’s versatile, but because it’s “way cool.” Woolly Pockets are flexible, breathable and modular gardening containers that are designed to be placed on horizontal surfaces or to to be hung on walls for vertical gardening. The two-sided companion product, Woolly Bar, is an ideal way to merchandise Woolly Pockets, as it can be used to display products and ideas on one side and to show a vertical garden on the other.