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Soil mix products that are good – and good for the environment

February 10, 2012
Garden Center

Organic Potting Mix
Espoma’s organic (the magic word) potting mix is naturally formulated to ensure hardy plants in indoor and outdoor containers. This mix contains Myco-tone, a proprietary blend of 11 different strains of mycorrhizae, which have been proven to promote root growth, increase water uptake, and reduce drought stress and transplant shock.

Potting Soil
Organic Mechanics
Organic Mechanics’ Potting Soil is the first OMRI listed all-purpose, organic, peat-free, potting soil. Formulated with a tested blend of composts, worm castings, coconut husk fiber and perlite, the soil offers gardeners a superior way to grow healthier, vigorous, more robust flower and vegetable plants. How healthy, vigorous, and more robust? Just look at the picture.

Organic earthworm products
Worm Power
Here’s a line that has virtually everyone buzzing, based on the number of click-throughs on the Garden Center magazine website. Worm Power organic earthworm products are odorless, safe for kids and pets, and formulated for success. They are available in 1-pound and 3-pound bags for patio and small space gardeners, and also in value-priced 15-pound bags. Worm Power products can be added to potting mixes, used when setting transplants, used to top-dress container plants, and much more.

All Purpose Potting Soil
ASB-Greenworld brand All Purpose Potting Soil is a universal mix for all indoor, outdoor and container plants. It comes in a variety of sizes of packages and features a combination of elements providing fast-release needs and slow-release needs up to 9 months. For those keeping score at home, that’s just about every release need a gardener will have.