Garden Media Group unveils 2018 trends

Garden Media Group unveils 2018 trends

In a workshop session at Cultivate'17, GMG leaders discussed influential practices such as gardening for mental wellness, "flexitarian" food growing and more.

August 10, 2017
Conner Howard
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Update: The Garden Media Group has released the full 2018 trends report. It can be downloaded here.

During Cultivate'17 in Columbus, Ohio, The Garden Media Group introduced its trends for 2018, giving attendees a preview of the direction gardening is expected to take in the coming year. Katie Dubow, creative director of the Garden Media Group, provided a sneak peek of the 2018 Trends Report, which will be available for download in September.

The big picture for this year’s trends is "Nature’s Rx For Mental Wellness" - a theme focusing on how gardening has several benefits for mental health and how everyone in the industry can utilize them for sales, promotion, design and more.

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Here are a few details about each trend:

Climate Controlled: "People are gardening in a changing climate," which can be stressful, Dubow said. Trees are being used to reduce heat in urban environments, a factor taken into consideration into this trend report.

Social Network: A trend centered on creating a social network for plants and promoting symbiotic relationships. The future is in learning how these plants work together, DuBow says.

Imperfect Gardening: Promoting the spirit of the Japanese term "Wabi-Sabi," which means to embrace imperfection and transience. Making mistakes and aging gracefully are among life examples, and in the garden, perfectly-maintained lawns are getting less common and sought-after. 

Breathing Room: Emphasizing the importance of disconnecting and relaxing. This trend is driven by people giving themselves spaces to renew. Gardening is becoming more about creating relaxing spaces.

Make a Splash: A trend all about water - using water in beautiful, colorful ways. Water in landscapes is expected to be a big demand. Millennials are also spending more on water gardening.

Grow Your Own Protein: The “flexitarian” trend is in full swing now, with many people choosing to eat less meat and substituting with plant-based proteins more often. The question is how to get these consumers to buy our products and/or grow them at home? This trend focuses on a unique challenge and opportunity.

Purple Reign: Purple is a very trendy color this year, especially in edibles, according to DuBow. Purple foods and ornamental are big draws as is blending flowers and edibles in displays and landscapes. Beets, berries, acai, purple cabbage, gogi, eggplant, plums and more are among examples given.

Find out more about the trends in this video featuring Dubow and Suzi McCoy, president of Garden Media Group.

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