GrowIt! launches Question and Answer feature

GrowIt! launches Question and Answer feature

The new functionality allows users to crowd-source gardening knowledge and advice.

March 13, 2017
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We seek to inspire, educate, and connect people who have a passion for plants. GrowIt! launched two years ago as a community where members could share their favorite plant photos. People added hundreds of thousands of photos, and new gardeners were able to find plants that would work in their specific locations.

Still, the community wanted more. They loved how much plant information they could find on the app, but they wanted to be able to ask more. What if someone had a question about a specific pest? What if someone was having a problem with their soil? Not all of these problems could be related to plant photos.

This spring, GrowIt! has the answers to those questions. GrowIt! is proud to announce the launch of its Question and Answer feature. Now GrowIt! community members can ask any plant or garden related question to the community. At more than 250,000 members, GrowIt! is crowd-sourcing growing knowledge. This reliable network is now available to answer the most challenging questions free of charge.

Upload a question today, and let the GrowIt! community help you solve your problems. You can also see what other people in your area are asking. Who knows - you might even be able to answer a few! Whether you’re a rookie gardener or a diehard green thumb, there’s something there for you. 

To watch this feature in action follow this link to the YouTube demo.