Most Long Island residents prefer independent garden centers

Most Long Island residents prefer independent garden centers

According to a survey by Long Island Business News, 62 percent of respondents plan to shop at independent nurseries.

April 18, 2017
Long Island Business News
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From Long Island Business News:

Spring has finally sprung, and 62 percent of LIBN survey respondents say they plan to head to independent nurseries to purchase items for their garden. That’s great news for small businesses, which this year struggled through an unseasonably frigid March.

Most respondents of’s “Green-thumb Shopping” poll said they plan to drop by a privately-owned business to buy plants, tools, and various other garden accessories. Meanwhile, other garden enthusiasts – 21 percent – said they prefer to shop at big box chains for garden supplies. A mere 4 percent said they shop for items online. Overshadowing online shoppers was the 16 percent who responded, “What garden?”

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