Read the November 2017 issue online

Read the November 2017 issue online

For this year's State of the Industry Report, we take a comprehensive look at data collected over five years of surveys.

November 21, 2017
Conner Howard
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The November 2017 issue of Garden Center magazine can now be read online and as a digital edition.

For the 2017 State of the Industry Report, we've compiled results from surveys collected over the previous five years (when available), examining the ups and downs experienced by the garden retail industry in the years since the Great Recession. A total of 385 survey takers gave us insight into their sales, profits and revenues of major product categories, as well as average staffing levels, popular departments and other takeaways.

Experts and leaders from independent garden centers weighed in, sharing their thoughts on the state of the industry and how they can find their way in a new retail environment. We also shared updates on the state of the greenhouse and landscaping industries.

Read on for more State of the Industry coverage and industry updates, including the Garden Media Group's 2018 Trends Report, ideas for marketing to maturing Millennials, tips for staying current on consumer interests, the potential of succulents as holiday plants and more.

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