Q&A: Wholesale Fairy Gardens

Q&A: Wholesale Fairy Gardens

A look into new design concepts, fresh product offerings and what's in store for the company in 2017.

October 27, 2016
Conner Howard
Tiny Worlds, Big Profits

At Wholesale Fairy Gardens, new ways are constantly being sought to breathe life into miniature plantscapes around the country. The company has introduced several new product lines in 2016, exploring new concepts and design directions in the process.

Garden Center magazine spoke with members of the company's management team about what Wholesale Fairy Gardens has debuted this year and what's in store for the future.

GC: What are some of the new products Wholesale Fairy Gardens has released so far in 2016?  

WFG: More than 100 new items were released in 2016. We classify our products into three distinct categories: fairies, houses and accessories. The balance was evenly distributed between these three categories.

GC: Compared to other figures and décor made by WFG and on the market in general, what makes these new product lines unique?

WFG: 2016 represented a significant change in our fairy product lineup. We began introducing throughout the year fairies that were more flesh-toned and with greater definition of facial features, as well as a new line of fairies called the Itty Bittys. The Itty Bittys were produced to fit smaller displays such as glass terrariums. Though the terrarium has been around for several years, it seems to have defined itself as a mainstay. However, we will continue with our traditional fairies as the demand continues to increase.

GC: Which new products were you most excited about?

WFG: By far, the flesh-toned fairies. This has afforded us the opportunity to update not only the skin tones but also the faces and clothing line to accentuate this major change on our part. We also moved more of an emphasis to smaller houses, keeping in mind that details are very important.

GC: Tell me about the process your team goes through when designing new products.

WFG: Designing is a never ending endeavor. Our philosophy has and always will be to bring to the marketplace a minimum of 100+ products per year. This philosophy allows the retailers to constantly update and offer new and different items. Freshness of products, we believe, drives an increase of sales at the retail level.

GC: How do you hope to continue to differentiate Wholesale Fairy Gardens' products in the future?

WFG: It may sound cliché, but we truly begin the design process with a clean slate each time. By this, we mean that we design by hand each and every product. Our ideas are all original. We listen to our customers and take into consideration all the feedback we receive. Every product designed is a collaboration of efforts not only by those within our company, but that of our retail partners and the customers as well.

GC: Is there anything else you’d like to add regarding the 2017 offerings from Wholesale Fairy Gardens?

WFG: Fresh input, original design and new forthcoming product offerings for 2017 - we believe this will be a game changer for Wholesale Fairy Gardens.

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