Cool Product Awards announced at The Landscape Show 2018

Cool Product Awards announced at The Landscape Show 2018

The Garden Center Group presented 15 product awards for 14 representing companies.


Orlando, FL – Cool Product Awards at The Landscape Show 2018 were presented to 14 firms, representing 15 award-winning products. The Garden Center Group’s Danny Summers led the product search and presented the awards Exhibitor Showcase on the show floor. The awards, at The Landscape Show 2018, were a joint presentation by Florida Nursery Growers & Landscape Association and The Garden Center Group.

Products were selected by garden retailers and landscape professionals in search of the best new products, both live goods and hard goods, for their business. The following is a list of firms and their products receiving recognition (listed by company in alpha order):

Alocasia ‘Sumo’
A new hybrid from Agristarts. Appropriately named, a large, aggressive grower with deep green color and burgundy veins on backside. Photo below shows a 2-year-old plant.

Terracotta Herb Box
Atlantic Pottery
A new design borrowing from traditional herb/strawberry planters for narrow depth settings to feature plants in the top as well as in side pockets on front.


Zombia antillarum ‘Zombie’ Palm
Botanics Wholesale
The thatched leaf stems of zombie palm are lined with long, vicious spines that are said to be used as voodoo doll needles. This unusual, dryland palm is clump-forming and native to the Caribbean island of



Bromeliad vriesea ospinae gruberii ‘Ice’
Bullis Bromeliads
The new spineless variety featuring beautiful multicolored green and creamy-white leaves and can
produce a yellow spike when in bloom.