2019 California Spring Trials: Northern Trials illustrated

Photo highlights from Floricultura, American Takii, Benary, Danziger, Pacific Plug & Liner, Proven Winners, Sakata Seed America, Speedling, Suncrest Nurseries and Syngenta Flowers


Stop: Sakata Seed America

Sakata Seed America's SunPatiens line now provide wilt resistance thanks to new genetics out of Indonesia. Better wilt resistance can mean less frequent watering in the landscape.

Stop: American Takii

Preciosa zinnia (Zinnia elegans F1) from Takii Seed is a new series that is early flowering, produces large, double, dahlia-like blooms, and is being launched in eight colors, including a mix. Colors include Light Yellow, Pink, Rose, Tropical Blend, and Scarlet, pictured. Plants grow to 10-12 inches tall with a 4-inch bloom. Preciosa also has heavier branching, uniformity in production and doesn’t need a pinch.


Day 4

Stop: Proven Winners

The Heat It Up Gaillardia series from Proven Winners is among the new varieties the company is offering to expand its selection for the southern climate. The plants are vegetatively produced and are characterized by strong disease resistance, heat tolerance and a versatile habit that performs well in the container or the landscape. 

Stop: Syngenta Flowers

Hot Blooded lantana from Syngenta Flowers is sterile and doesn't stop flowering during the heat of the summer. It features a mounded habit and grows up to 24 inches tall and wide.

Stop: Danziger

Danziger is breathing life into Jamesbrittenia with Goldstar. It was bred with resistance to foliage diseases, it's a day-neutral crop, and it's heat tolerant. It works well in baskets and combos.

Stop: Speedling

One thing attendees have come to expect at Spring Trials is a "scratch-and-sniff" table from Plant Source International, which as the name suggests, displays plants with powerful fragrance. Popcorn Cassia, pictured, produces a buttery scent.  

Day 5

Stop: Suncrest Nurseries

Nemesia Honey Sky Blue, showcased by Cohen, is different than other compact nemesia in the Honey line because of its trailing habit that is perfect for hanging baskets. 


Jaldety displayed thunbergia mixes for a striking combo. Pictured: Sunny Susy Rose Sensation and Sunny Susy Halo White.


Stop: Benary

The new Cats series of pansies from Benary are a result of breeding back in what most try to eliminate -- striping due to stress during production. The Spirograph effect has been stabilized and will be available in five colors once it is officially introduced in 2020, new for 2021. 


Stop: Pacific Plug & Liner

Heuchera LITTLE CUTIES 'Shimmer' from Terra Nova Nurseries works well in a combo, says sales manager Larry Finley. Most heucheras overpower mixes, but this one won't, says Finley, who is holding the plant here.


Skyscraper Senecio from Sunset Western Garden Collection grows 5 to 6 feet tall and can add a dramatic, vertical element to mixed succulent containers.


The team from Quality Cuttings had fun with Pacific Plug & Liner's Secret Garden theme, setting a table of bowls filled with succulents. 


Echibeckia Summerina Blazing Fire was one of the star plants at Pacific Plug & Liner, planted in containers near the entrance of their Spring Trials display and with its own vignette. Echibeckia is fast growing, good for shoulder season sales, can be grown in multiple pot sizes and is heat tolerant. 


American Pie 'Cherry Pie', from Pinks by Whetman, will follow in the footsteps of the top-selling 'Georgia Peach Pie' for the 2020 season. Robert Bett of PlantHaven says he's quite impressed with its foliage color and prolific bud set. As a bonus, the cherry-red flowers on strong stems work great as a cut flower for the consumer.

Monrovia made a surprise exhibit at the Floracultra stop as well. To see more, click here.

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