A milestone of merriment

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Check out some of the snapshots from The Beehive Boutique & Garden's fall festival in honor of their one-year anniversary.

At The Beehive Boutique & Garden in New Caney, Texas, last month was a special milestone for the fledgling business, which opened on Oct. 3, 2020. When co-founders Kristy Lund and Amber Webb were both laid off from the pandemic, the mother and daughter-in-law team envisioned a store that catered to both “plant nerds and boutique lovers,” according to Diane Bulanowski, manager and buyer for the boutique. Webb has since left the company, but Lund and Bulanowski have partnered up to provide their community with native plants, pollinators, succulents and other boutique items. Check out some of the snapshots from their fall festival and one-year anniversary celebration. — Julianne Mobilian
1. Mural artist Anat Ronen paints a native botanical and butterfly mural during the fall festival celebration. 2. & 3. Guests of all ages enjoy games like tic-tac-toe and a fishing pond. 4. Turk’s Turban squash, sugar skulls and gourds usher in the fall season.
5. Yuri, a Beehive Boutique & Garden regular, guesses the weight of the “Big Mac Pumpkin.” 6. From classic Halloween villains to princesses, sharks and skeletons, children compete for prizes in the costume contest. 7. & 10. Festival-goers dig in at the potting bench and succulent bar during the event. Both activities are open year-round, and the Beehive even offers small groups private planting and succulent bar parties. 8. Chanti Fairchild, who arrived as a “fall garden goddess,” dances and entertains customers during the event. The boutique hosted many local vendors, such as Irma’s Handmade Mexican Pottery and Seasonal Garden Art (visible behind Fairchild). 9. Tammy, a local vendor who designs and makes popular T-shirts for the boutique, enjoys the haystacks and pumpkins with her granddaughter Audrey.