Five questions with Sara Eskew

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Sara Eskew, president and CEO of Music of the Spheres®, Inc., explains how retailers can turn premium wind chimes into a top-selling high-value category.

March 9, 2020

Sara Eskew

1. Why should retailers consider wind chimes as a potential growth market for their stores?

Wind chimes are very often an impulse add-on purchase when customers are in the store for their spring bedding plants and gardening supplies. Thus, they help increase the total purchase dollar, with little effort on your part. However, to be effective, they need to be heard. The product should be strategically placed in the store. Outdoors near the front door works very well. During the “off season” for gardening, wind chimes help even out sales, as they make the perfect Christmas gift.

2. How does performance and durability differ from product to product?

The wind chime category ranges from super-cheap, sounds-pretty-bad imports to symphonic quality musical instruments for Mother Nature to play. You really do get what you pay for. Our 90-day buy-back guarantee to the retailer and 30-day unconditional return policy to the consumer means a garden center can try out our price points at very little risk.

3. What sets Music of the Spheres® products apart from typical wind chimes?

Our wind chimes are completely made in the U.S.A. of all domestic components. They are perfectly tuned instruments which have been used in orchestral performance. The superiority of our sounds is apparent to casual observers with little musical background, but musicians are really wowed. Musical interest is not a demographic that is normally measured. Thus, you never can tell who is going to be amazed or how much they might spend. Our long durability in outdoor environments is carefully engineered, so that we can offer seven and 15-year warranties. Our design is sleek, modern and minimalist. Therefore, our chimes can complement any outdoor environment.


4. How many options are available?

We make eleven different musical scales in seven different pitch ranges. Using several different pitch ranges in the same or complementary tunings creates ethereal ensembles. Assembling a wind chime choir for the backyard brings customers back for repeat purchases. Our very large chimes, the contrabass and basso profundo, are basically unique in today’s marketplace. Extremely deep and resonant as well as visually astonishing, they make an incredible statement.

5 . What’s the story behind the name Music of the Spheres®?

The ancient Greek philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras first theorized that the stars and planets moved according to mathematical equations which corresponded to musical notes and thus produced a symphony, the “music of the spheres.” We like to think our windchimes capture the far away vibrations of the heavenly bodies and translate them into harmonic intervals we can hear-“the music of the spheres.” Even if they only turn the breeze into music, that’s still a beautiful thing.

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