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The smart way to buy seeds

January 21, 2020

Having had experience working at garden centers, the owners of Botanical Interests, Judy Seaborn and Curtis Jones, knew the formula for maximum seed program profitability when they started the company. They believe, “That formula has worked—many of our retailers have increased their seed program profitability to levels they had never experienced.”

Margin might not be the only road to profitability; Botanical Interests can help!


Since most seed packets are pre-priced, stores do best with a packet line that has a pricing strategy that meets the consideration of two factors: the consumer expectation for impulse sales, and the stores’ need to make a certain number of dollars per square foot of their store. Botanical Interests seed packets are mid-priced to meet both criteria.


If you don’t have space to display over 600 varieties, carry only what sells in your area. Botanical Interests’ Regional Best™ approach maximizes stores’ sales and profits with well-balanced seed assortments based on sales data, customer and sales representative input, university research, industry trends, and specific regional information. The result is a selection of varieties your customers want that maximizes your sales volume and sell-through.

Availability and Service

Botanical Interests has a track record of 99% year-round availability so you can capture those late-season sales that are often a significant percentage of the store’s seed sales. They also ship your initial orders early in the season, so you can get a head start on spring sales.

Most seed packet companies have a reorder minimum, which forces stores to take a risk of ordering too many that don’t sell, or not ordering enough for customer demand, leaving your display empty. Botanical Interests allows stores to reorder any number of packets per variety—even if it’s just one! They also assign sales representatives to most stores who service your display for you.

High-Quality Product

Gardeners want reliable seeds from a brand they can trust. Botanical Interests seeds are tested for germination to ensure a high-quality product. Every variety is Non-GMO Project Verified and many are certified organic—two designations that consumers look for when purchasing. But it’s not just the high-quality seeds that draw repeat customers; Botanical Interests seed packets are educational and beautiful. Beautifully illustrated, shoppers also get practical varietal information. The front of the packet includes a brief description of the variety and at-a-glance sowing information, so that store staff can help consumers find exactly what they need. Inside the packet there is a plethora of information, including recipes, historical information, and more.

Botanical Interests was built with independent garden centers in mind so you could differentiate from, and compete with, the large chains. It is the independent garden center’s seed packet line!

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