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The keys to boost your profits with hardgoods

January 21, 2020

When selecting hardgoods for your garden center, it is important to consider the product mix. The plants are always center stage, but there are many other categories of products that are now essential to sell, and plant care is one of the main ones you should focus on. Watering tools are an important part of plant care. All plants need water, and selling the right high-quality watering tools for the job, will not only make it easy for your customer, but it will also help them get the great results that they expect.

High quality sells

As an independent garden center, you are always concerned about finding the right balance between quality, price, and value to the consumer. For the most part, consumers come to your garden center for reasons other than price, quality, selection, and a knowledgeable staff to name a few. Your tool selection should be made with that in mind. Don’t stock just the low-price mass merchant products. Provide the customer an opportunity to purchase higher quality items that have superior quality, function, and will last a long time. Customer satisfaction is a key to repeat business. Your staff’s knowledge of the products and the quality differences can aid in sales. Many companies provide product knowledge information online that you can use to train your staff. Selling higher quality watering tools at better margins is one key to a profitable garden center.

Selling tools in your garden center

Most garden centers by nature are plant centric places. Merchandising products in an area of benches and Isles can be a challenge. By purchasing and using movable self-contained merchandisers you can provide a store within a store, and an impulse buy location right by the plants. Research at Michigan State University, by Dr. Bridget Behe, shows three key points. 68% of garden center purchase are unplanned, displays play a key role, and well-organized displays have the capacity to increase sales 300%!

Housekeeping is key

In an environment as challenging as a garden center, housekeeping of hardgoods and their displays can be difficult. Merchandising 101 — keep the products clean and well organized. This can be difficult as watering and other daily plant care occurs. Water, dust and dirt, not to mention other debris can build up making the products look old and worn. Periodic cleaning and straightening will keep the attractive nature of the products up and the impulse buy from your customers up too!

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