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Epicor powers independent garden center retailers

January 21, 2020

Epicor’s retail management software provides solutions tailored specifically for garden retailers. Epicor retail solutions gives you the tools you need to resolve stock issues, move inventory quickly, increase margins, and improve cash flow.

We know garden retailers have unique challenges, such as seasonal inventory. This is where our solutions have been customized to support retailers like you to manage your business needs from anywhere in your stores, yards, greenhouses, warehouses or grow sites.

Your lawn and garden retail store can more easily meet customer expectations with help from updated technology that enables productivity and makes it easier for your employees to deliver top-notch service.

Our tools allow you to go where the work needs to be done. Our mobile technology streamlines your operations so that you can better track and run other parts of your business. Employees can use mobile tools to access real-time inventory data to quickly find specific products, and mobile POS stations can perform customer checkouts anywhere in the store or garden center. When technology boosts your employees’ efficiency, you can do more without adding staff.

You can also make better business decisions if you have better data. Real-time insight into your stock levels, detailed reports about customer buying habits, and access to competitor pricing can help you increase profits and reduce or eliminate dead inventory.

With Epicor, users can make purchasing decisions on seasonal products with help from easy-to-use forecasting and analytics tools that will help you determine the right quantities and pricing to drive profitability. Our solutions empower you to:

  • Provide fast answers by using modern, intuitive screens and queries to check inventory, location, pricing and more
  • Seamlessly handle credit, debit and card-not-present transactions, while securely capturing electronic signatures when needed
  • Save time and improve customer satisfaction with streamlined, automated processing of special orders
  • Increase profits with integrated inventory management, purchasing and receiving
  • Connect with customers anywhere, anytime through electronic commerce, mobile and wireless channels
  • Reduce costs with digital document management capabilities

Make fast, informed management, inventory, pricing and other decisions using intuitive, on-screen reporting and analysis.

Epicor software delivers fast, personal service at checkout with advanced POS and mobile technology. It pampers customers with streamlined, automated processing of special orders and helps increase profits with integrated inventory management, purchasing and receiving. It enables optimized pricing, margins and other aspects of business performance by making fast, informed management decisions using intuitive, on-screen reporting and analysis; and it helps reduce costs and stays connected with customers using electronic commerce, wireless, and document management capabilities.

For more information, visit www.epicor.com