Allan Armitage's perennials guide, second edition, is now back in print
Dr. Allan Armitage
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Allan Armitage's perennials guide, second edition, is now back in print

The book can be ordered from the author's website and Amazon.


It has been seven years since horticulture icon Dr. Allan Armitage’s popular book "Armitage’s Garden Perennials, Second Edition," went out of print. Dr. Armitage has announced the book has been revived and is now available.

Published by Echo Point Books & Media, the newest edition of "Armitage’s Garden Perennials" is a reference for both new and experienced gardeners, allowing readers to discover the beauty and joy perennial plants provide. Writing about hundreds of his favorite perennials, Armitage distills the perennial plant world down to his favorite and most useful perennials, in a friendly, often humorous way. However, it is the 1,300 beautiful photos that every gardener appreciates. Armitage finds the joy in working in the dirt and says without hesitation, “This is gardening, not brain surgery. It is supposed to be fun.”

"Armitage’s Garden Perennials" concentrates on more commonly available species and varieties and is ideal for the home gardener or the landscape professional. Armitage profiles more than 1,250 plants, illustrating details and providing tips for successful growing. The thorough, user-friendly reference covers classic plants, like phlox and rudbeckia, while also highlighting new introductions among genera like Arisaema, Echinacea, Heuchera and Podophyllum.

Along with this practical knowledge of the features and benefits of perennials, Armitage also shares personal opinions regarding plant preferences, extolling the virtues of some perennials, and noting which plants fail to pique his interest. His blend of technical expertise and warm, friendly, conversational writing style earned "Armitage’s Garden Perennials" a prominent spot on the bookshelves of serious gardeners for decades.

Says Armitage, “Gardening should always provide far more pleasure than pain. With the incredible numbers of newbies joining the gardening ranks, I want to help them succeed so they’ll continue to enjoy the journey. My book gives them insight into the world of perennials and how best to incorporate them into their garden plans. It’s also the perfect resource for experienced garden designers who want to show clients beautiful photos of perennials they recommend for installations.”

How to order:

"Armitage’s Garden Perennials" is available directly from Dr. Armitage at He will personalize and sign any book purchased through his website. On his website the book retails for $69.95 (hardbound) and $62.95 (paperback). A bundle deal to purchase both "Armitage’s Garden Perennials" and "Herbaceous Perennial Plants" together is also offered. "Armitage’s Garden Perennials" is available through Echo Point Books and Media ( as well as Amazon.