American Floral Endowment awards 21 scholarships

American Floral Endowment awards 21 scholarships

$42,800 worth of scholarships were issued, ranging from $500 to $4,900.

September 20, 2018

The American Floral Endowment (AFE) has awarded 21 students with scholarships totaling $42,800. Eighty-seven applications were received for this 2018 scholarship cycle, according to a press release.

"We had many outstanding students apply for scholarships this year, which is why some scholarships were awarded to two recipients," said Dwight Larimer, AFE Chairman and Education Committee Chair.

"I'm proud to see the high quality of students each year and I enjoy granting scholarships to these well-deserved students to help them continue their education and become passionate industry leaders."

AFE awards scholarships annually and applications are due by May 1 of each year. Scholarship descriptions are available at Below shows the scholarship, the amount awarded and this year's winner..

American Florists’ Exchange - $2,500
Helena Dondero, California Polytechnic State 

Armellini Scholarship - $2,300
Kelly Pohlman, University of Kentucky 

Ball Scholarship – $1,100
Ruqayah Bhuiyan, University of Georgia 

H. Bettinger Fund- $2,100
Megan Haresnape, Kansas State University 

Bioworks Fund - $1,300
Leala Machesney, University of Maine 

Bridenbaugh Fund - $500
Armando DeLoera Mejia, College of San Francisco 

CalFlowers - $2,000
Roame Thatcher, College of San Francisco

Carew Fund - $2,100
Emily Teng, University of Hawaii 

Carlson-Johnson Fund - $1,200
Matt Witemyre, Merritt College

Dedman Fund- $2,100
Kimberly Cooper, University of Georgia 

Long Island Flower Growers Assn - $1,400
Sarah Snow, NY Botanical Garden School  

Long Island Flower Growers Bob Gunther- $1,000
Jesse Friel, Farmingdale State College 

Meister Fund- $4,300
Shea Keene, University of Florida

NGMA Fund - $600
Sean Tarr, Michigan State University 

Novovesky Fund- $2,800
Lianna Smith, Tulane University 

Ohlman Fund - $500
David Figueroa, Texas Tech University 

Rathmell Fund- $3,600
Ariana Newton, West Virginia University 

Seed Fund- $2,600
Erin Pfarr, Rutgers University 

Tomasovic Fund- $1,100
Jennifer Desormeaux, Virginia Polytechnic 

Tuinier - $4,900   
Sean Tarr, Michigan State University 

Van Namen Fund- $1,200
Cole Rider, Mt. San Antonio College 

Vocational Funds - $1,600
Matthew Witemyre, Merritt College