Dr. Bridget Behe to cover key garden retail topics at the 2019 Farwest Show
Dr. Bridget Behe
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Dr. Bridget Behe to cover key garden retail topics at the 2019 Farwest Show

The talks will help retailers improve marketing strategies and connecting with consumers.


Portland, Ore. - At the 2019 Farwest Show, Dr. Bridget Behe, professor of horticultural marketing at Michigan State University (MSU), will deliver two retail-garden-center-focused addresses on merchandising and pricing. The talks will help retailers improve marketing strategies and mix in connecting with consumers at point of sale and relative plant pricing. The Farwest Show will be held August 21–23 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland.

Dr. Behe’s first talk, “Build a More Shoppable Space,” sponsored by Green Profit magazine, will be presented from 8:30– 9:30 a.m., Thursday, August 22. From recent research findings in her consumer studies, Dr. Behe will explain how to create a more compelling retail space. The session will help improve retail marketing strategy by incorporating research-based information on consumer preferences.

The second session, “The Art and Science of Plant Pricing,” is scheduled for 12:30–1:30 p.m.., Thursday, August 22. Dr. Behe will discuss pricing concepts and share research-based findings on how consumers react to pricing in communications. For retailers, as well as growers and wholesalers, pricing remains an important part of the marketing mix. 

Dr. Behe teaches courses on marketing and management for horticulture majors at MSU and speaks to professionals and industry groups nationally and internationally. She has conducted more than 100 consumer and market research projects on horticultural products, both edible and ornamental and has written more than 500 publications in the trade press and in peer-reviewed journals.

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