Early to market, early to mature
Spring Grandio from Sakata Ornamentals was bred specifically for late winter and early spring production.
Michelle Simakis

Early to market, early to mature

Sakata Seed America showcases varieties bred for early spring production and produce that is fast to mature at the 2019 California Spring Trials.

March 28, 2019

As part of its varieties showcase at the 2019 California Spring Trials, Sakata Ornamentals highlighted two annuals and a line of produce that are all early – early to market and early to mature.

Spring Grandio is a new series of pansy bred specifically for early spring production; it blooms three to four weeks earlier. The 2020 launch includes 12 colors and two mixes and can be positioned for early spring sales.   

Also new for Sakata is Speedy Sonnet (Antirrhinum majus nanum F1), which unlike typical snapdragons that need 13 to 14 hours of light to bloom, only needs about 10 and a half. Speedy, new for the open market, was bred for early winter through early spring sales. The fragrant plant is available in multiple colors, including Bronze and Crimson.

An early theme was prevalent during an overview of new offerings from Sakata Home Grown, as well, which among its lineup includes Eclipse Triploid Watermelon, a new seedless, 10- to 12-pound icebox/sugar baby type that matures at about 80 days. Typically, watermelons take 95 to 110 days to mature.  Eclipse has a dark, hunter green exterior and produces flavorful, juicy fruit.

Cedro indeterminate saladette tomato is another early-maturing variety, at 75 to 80 days from transplant. It features a bright-red color and produces 4- to 6-ounce fruits. As the name implies, Early Flame, a compact, container-friendly jalapeno pepper, is early to mature, as it's ready to harvest in 60 to 65 days. Peppers grow 4 inches long by 1.5 inch wide.

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