White-hot holidays

White-hot holidays

One Ohio company found that consumers want more than poinsettias at Christmas.

March 25, 2019

Frank Riteco, owner of 2Plant International in Powell, Ohio, wants growers and retailers to have a white Christmas. He’s marketing white lilies, Iberis and Senecio Angel Wings for a fresh approach to holiday sales.

Research revealed that consumers would consider buying a white lily as part of their holiday décor. When shown photos of an Oriental and an Asiatic lily, 25 percent of consumers said they’d buy either one; 19 percent would buy the Oriental lily priced at $9.99 to complement their poinsettia purchase; 13 percent would buy the $9.99 lily instead of a poinsettia; 8 percent said they’d buy the $8.99 Asiatic lily in addition to a poinsettia; and 7 percent said they’d rather buy the $8.99 Asiatic lily instead of a poinsettia.

Besides lilies, Riteco’s program also includes Iberis Snowsurfer Forte, Senecio Angel Wings and Gaultheria Peppermint Peal, among others.

For the diehard poinsettia people, Riteco says many of these plants can be mixed with the traditional holiday crop for high-value combinations.

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Pictured: Frank Riteco and his '80s throwback shirt, with a twist.