New calibrachoas, nemesias and more from Kientzler North America
A hanging basket of Vanilla Berry in Kientzler North America's Fairy Kisses Nemesia series
Photo: Patrick Williams

New calibrachoas, nemesias and more from Kientzler North America

The breeder showcases new varieties for 2020 at the Windmill Nursery Spring Trials Stop.

March 24, 2019

At the Windmill Nursery stop in mountainous Buellton, California, Kientzler North America debuted new varieties for 2020 in the following series: Calibrachoa Pocket, Petunia Compact Double, Nemesia Fairy Kisses, New Guinea Impatiens Paradise Rococo and Verbena Vepita Up.

Calibrachoa Pocket has offerings in Pink, Light Red and Yellow. It is compact in the greenhouse but becomes more vigorous as it makes its way through the supply chain, says Andreas Kientzler, owner of Kientzler North America.

Petunia Compact Double, meanwhile, adds Rose Pink and Lavender to its series, to supplement its first variety, Sugar Plum, which was new for 2019, Kientzler says. Flowers in this series have small flowers, a good flower count, compact habit and nice branching, he adds. They are self-cleaning and not as susceptible to Botrytis as less compact double petunias.


Kientzler has three new colors in its Fairy Kisses Nemesia series: Vanilla Berry, Citrine and Boysenberry, Kientzler says. These bicolor flowers have high heat tolerance throughout the summer.

Paradise Rococo is a whole new line of New Guinea Impatiens with ruffled flowers, offered in multiple colors, including Bright Red, Violet, Coral and White, Kientzler says.

Vepita Up, a new series of verbena, offers four colors: Burgundy, Lavender, Hot Pink and White. Kientzler North America describes the plants as “upright and well-branched” with “uniform growing” and “fine leaves.”

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