CAST 2022: Benary

CAST 2022: Benary

The international company introduced new green seed tech, an herb collection, begonia branding and a cut flower at the Watsonville stop.

Graffiti 20/20 Apple blossom Pentas

This new seed variety pentas from Benary has a one week shorter crop time than Graffiti OG (Original Genetics), making it excellent for the early spring shipping window in Northern geographies that traditionally would struggle with forcing blooms that early. For this new variety, the breeders at Benary focused on increasing germination rate and pack performance. Growers will appreciate better plug vigor and uniformity in flowering throughout the whole series, with only a 5 day window between all 9 colors, according to Benary. 

The new Season Me! Herb Collection from Benary+ offers gardeners beautiful and tasty options. The company will also soon be offering combinations of herbs in the Season Me! Fusions collection based on popular demand for different culinary styles like rosemary, oregano and thyme (seen below). There are also medicinal herb combinations on the way.

The collections are designed for easier retail sales, complete with a new brand logo and artwork for retailers to use in displays.

Benary's BIG Begonis are getting a refreshed look with new POP signage, displays, adhesive labels, benchcards and tags. There's even a spot for growers or retailers to put their own logos and plant size. The above display is from John Henry but Benary says they will work with any supplier.


Benary debuted a new seed technology that improves germination, but it was created with the environment in mind. BeGreen Seed Technology provides priming, coating and pelleting treatments without the use of chemicals or microplastics. Because the BeGreen treatments are biodegradable, there's "no trace" left in the environment, according to Michael Schorsch, seed technology manager at Benary. The green color allows the production team to see the seed for easier sowability, while the technology also provides faster germination, higher uniformity and higher yields. There are currently more than 20 plants and series available with this new technology, with more being added over time. 

For the cut-flower grower, Benary launched a new Ptilotus named Matilda. Known as Ptilotus Joey's "beautiful and sassy sister," Matilda features bottlebrush flower spikes that pair well with nearly every color of cut flower in an arrangement. A native of central Australia, Matilda has a vase life of nearly 20 days as long as the foliage is removed. Stem length is 24-23 inches. Growing cycle ranges from 18-28 weeks, depending on the average day/night temperatures, and a second harvest is possible around 16-18 weeks after the initial flower cutting.