CAST 2022: Danziger

CAST 2022: Danziger

Danziger returned to CAST this year with new petunias, salvia and more.


Danziger's 2022 CAST stop in the Garlic Capital of the World offered insights into the latest breeding from the floriculture company. We saw five new colors in the Splash Dance Petunias line (Moon Walk, Calypso Cherry, Violet Vogue, Rumba Rose and Fuchsia Flamenco), bringing the total number in the series to nine. Read on for more news:

Part of the Red Carpet Collection of standalone varieties, RIMarkable Petunia has a large, distinct white rim on each bloom for unique retail appeal. It's more upright than Cascadias but with the same great genetics and performs well in hanging baskets and combinations. It blooms early enough for any market.

Danziger's new Salvia Sally Fun Blue Lagoon is hitting the market in 2023. Told by Danziger reps that this version is "like Deep Ocean Improved" Blue Lagoon hits the mark on the exploding Salvia trend with deep blue blooms and the genus' trademark upright growth habit. It checks another box of recent plant intro trends as well with its remarkably shiny, deep green foliage that sets off the columnar bee-attracting blooms that shoot up throughout the season. 

DuraBella combinations from Danziger are available in two-plant and three-plant combo recipes. Danziger tests the compatibility and garden performance in each combination for consumer success. Growers only need 1 liner per pot for the DuraBella combinations, which makes it a low-input program, yet finishes at the same time as traditional plantings with multiple liners. Pictured is Queens Crown, new for 2023, a combination of Stardom Goldstar jamesbrittenia and Amore Queen of Hearts petunia.