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Making gardening easy, beautiful and sustainable

January 19, 2016

The Cascading Garden Planters (top left), the Urban Garden Planters (bottom left), the Raised Garden Planters (bottom right) and the Ground Planters are made from rescued pieces of milled cedar wood.

CedarCraft is leading the charge in sustainability. Their elevated and raised cedar planters are beautifully crafted, exceptional in quality and best of all, no trees are specifically harvested to produce this product.

Designed with the future in mind, all CedarCraft products are made from rescued pieces of milled cedar wood that would have otherwise been scrapped. This wood is then engineered into the material used to produce CedarCraft planters.

The CedarCraft planter line is designed for limited space gardening and ideal for growing fresh herbs, vegetables and flowers. “We know that while many people would love to have an herb or vegetable garden, limited space can make it extremely challenging,” said Glen Dobi, president of CedarCraft. “Elevated planters are becoming the new mega trend in gardening, and we’ve designed our line for gardeners at any level who want a simpler way to get their hands in the dirt while adding to the beauty of their outdoor spaces.”

All planters are produced in Canada from 100 percent Western Red Cedar. Cedar is naturally rot, fungus and insect resistant so these planters are built to last. The wood is untreated allowing for a natural or customizable look and feel to match any outdoor aesthetic.

Elevated planters are perfect for growing deep root vegetables, herbs or your favorite flowers. They create an ideal growing environment with better soil maintenance and drainage for healthy productive plants. The elevated designs help minimize back and knee strain and protects plants from rabbits, gophers and pets.

CedarCraft has a variety of planter styles and sizes. Assembly is quick and easy and no tools required.

Cascading Garden Planters — Vertical planter with two or three tiers for a variety of plants and vegetation options.

Self-Watering Elevated Planters — Combining the flexibility of container gardening with the convenience of self-watering.

Elevated Garden Planters — Raised planter helps reduce knee and back strain.

Urban Garden Planters — Modern “V” design for urban spaces that includes a handy storage shelf for tools and accessories.

Raised Garden Planters — Accommodates a larger volume of deep root plants and vegetables.

CedarCraft has a full and expanding line of cedar planting options. We encourage you to visit their site to learn more about their exciting 2016 product line.

For more information, visit www.cedarcraft.com