Cha-ching! (5-23)

This Maryland retail operation has found a great way to engage customers

May 23, 2011

Behnke Nurseries' website features a "Show'N Tell" page that encourages the garden center's customers to share photos of their landscapes with fellow site visitors.

This clever idea serves several purposes, including engaging shoppers who likely purchased their plants at Behnke Nurseries' locations in Beltsville and Potomac, Md., and who now feel part of the garden center's extended family as their gardening victories are posted for others to see.

In addition, viewers (translation: customers) can glean ideas from the photos posted and copy them in their own yards. Given that most of the ideas feature Behnke Nurseries' products, the Show'N Tell page thus becomes a successful marketing tool to drive business to -- and back to -- the stores.

And when they get there, Behnke's staff can start adding up the "Cha-ching!"

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