Chrysal International and Verdant Technologies Announce partnership
Photo courtesy of Chrysal International and Verdant Technologies.

Chrysal International and Verdant Technologies Announce partnership

The companies will work together to provide an extended life solution for the floral industry.


Chrysal International announced it will partner with Verdant Technologies to bring a step change solution to the floral industry. This new product, a 1-MCP-based solution, will be available across the industry’s international markets with initial focus on Colombia, one of the largest floral growers in the world, and Miami, one of the largest receiving areas in the United States for floral products.

For Verdant Technologies, a partnership with Chrysal will bring the introduction of HarvestHold to the floral market segment.  

Chrysal and Verdant Technologies are working together to bring a patented 1-methylcyclopropene (1-MCP) based solution to market that delivers stability, efficacy and consistency throughout the horticultural supply chain.

Chrysal and Verdant Technologies have focused their technologies around the 1-MCP product’s flexibility, which will allow Chrysal’s global customer base of growers and packers to spend more time getting more product to market and lessen the impact of horticultural wastage.

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