Cool Product Awards announced at TPIE 2020
Railroad Nursery's ficus lyrata
Courtesy of The Garden Center Group

Cool Product Awards announced at TPIE 2020

Fifteen companies were recognized with 17 different products taking home awards.

February 3, 2020

With the largest number of garden retailers ever as judges in attendance at TPIE this year, over 60 products appeared in their search results. In total, 15 companies were awarded for 17 "Cool Products." Even if you were not at TPIE or you were not able to be a part of this process, you can still benefit from the details here.

Sansaveria m. 'Whale Fin' Snake Plant                                                                           

Aroid Greenhouses

Edgar Amezquita

4700 SW 186th Ave, Southwest Ranches, Florida, 33332

Ph: 954-445-7234

Zamioculcas varigated ZZ Plant                                                                                       

Aroid Greenhouses 

A second award was presented to Aroid for this selection of ZZ Plant which exhibited the largest amount of variegation our judges have seen.

This unique form of snake plant resembling a whale fin was featured in both a mottled light/dark green as well as a variegated stripe.

Hanging Rooster Planter


Don Murry

Designed by Don Murray and Shibu Varughese, this new addition to their designs of fun new alternative to the hanging basket. The Rooster follows their original Parrot design we awarded last year. Available in two bright colors, the kit has bird body, beak, and tail feathers plus hanging chain. The combination of bright fun look and sturdy design was a real hit with the retail judges!

Dracaena 'Harvest Moon'                                                                                                

Capri Farms

This newly-patented selection of Dracaena has a very dramatic color effect with bright yellow foliage and thin green vertical bands. Mr. Chin shared this selection is showing a wide range of light tolerance. Availability for retailers will likely be spring 2021.

Aglaonema 'SRA'                                                                                                              

Costa Farms

This selection of Aglaonema caught the judges’ eyes immediately, appearing to be almost on fire! The red is beyond words. Sara Barreiro Diaz shared this Southeast Asian native is one of the reddest colorful aglaonema ever found. It’s green highlights makes the colors pop even more. “SRA” offers thick, well-branched growth habit. Availability of this new selection will most likely be in 2021.

Zamioculcas zamiifolia 'Nova Star' ZZ Plant                                                                        

Deroose Plants

This selection of ZZ Plant features extremely dark green, almost black at times, foliage. 

CARicature Collection                                                                                                       

Eve’s Garden

This new collection of fun mini gardens is a flashback to the 60’s when a bug van, beetle and scooters were all the rage. Available in several colors of each design, these are fun for kids of all ages!