Danziger announces new Rooted Cutting Station partners

Danziger announces new Rooted Cutting Station partners

Danziger’s full catalog will now be available as rooted cuttings.


Danziger, a global leader in bedding plant and cut flower breeding and production, is announcing new partnerships, adding four new Rooted Cutting Stations in the U.S. The Rooted Cutting Stations will offer growers Danziger’s full portfolio in high quality liners as well as exclusive items.

The company is partnering with Green Circle Growers, Mast Young Plants, Hardystarts by Welby and Total Growth Solutions (TGS). These partners were chosen because of their commitment to quality and customer service.

“Currently, our products are available mainly as unrooted cuttings in the U.S.,” says Mike Fernandez, North American bedding market manager. “We recognized a market demand for rooted cuttings, as North American growers have been asking for an easy way to source our varieties in this format. These new partners will make it easier for growers to have access to the entire Danziger portfolio.”

The new partnerships are part of Danziger’s strategy to offer plant selections that are dependable and beautiful, and also provide solutions for growers. “We are committed to helping our customers, along the entire value chain, achieve success,” adds Fernandez. “One of Danziger’s core company values is creative collaborations. These partnerships not only fit the company’s values, it makes things easier for our customers.”

For the 2018-19 season, Danziger customers will also be able to receive cuttings in Autostix format. Through EDI, or by manual order, customers will be able to order most items in either single or pair URC per slot.

Danziger’s product innovation is powered by one of the largest research and development departments in the industry. The team of more than 100 scientists, researchers and professional breeders is based in Israel. Danziger’s state-of-the art production site in Guatemala works under strict protocols to ensure the best quality plant material is available to the North American market.

Rooted cuttings will be available beginning week 40.