Dümmen Orange acquires McHutchison and Vaughan’s Horticulture

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The company also announced changes in its North American leadership.

December 15, 2017

Dümmen Orange, a flower breeder and producer based in The Netherlands, has announced the acquisition of McHutchison and Vaughan’s Horticulture, two U.S.-based wholesale plant brokerage firms, to fulfill its strategic ambition for enhanced distribution and customer reach, a press release reads. Dümmen Orange’s breeder activities and McHutchison and Vaughan’s Horticulture brokerage activities will continue to be managed and operate as autonomous business units.

“The McHutchison and Vaughan’s Horticulture acquisition increases our customer reach, while also facilitating the introduction of new products like calla lilies, phalaenopsis and grower solutions,” says Dümmen Orange CEO Biense Visser.


Dümmen Orange North America will continue to operate under an open platform of distribution through all of their current broker partners to promote and grow existing business relationships and ensure customers interested in Dümmen Orange products continue to have a choice in their preferred suppliers. Similarly, McHutchison and Vaughan’s Horticulture will continue to provide a full service offering to their grower customers by developing their valued third party vendor brokerage relationships.


The McHutchison and Vaughan’s Horticulture management team, led by CEO Mike Tizio, welcomes this development and supports this next step in the evolution of both organizations.

“We look forward to the expanded product offering and the technical and marketing resources that Dümmen Orange will offer our team to help grow our business,” Tizio said.


The Dutch flower breeder and producer also announced several changes in its North American management. Dümmen Orange’s team in North America has grown from 10 to 90 employees in the past five years. Managing Partner Perry Wismans sees this as a pivotal moment to hand over leadership to the local North American-based team.

“The next generation of leadership is ready, and I look forward to seeing the great things they accomplish together as a team for the organization and the industry,” Wismans said.

Wismans is not leaving the company, however. His new role is global head of floricultural innovation. In this capacity, he will remain a senior adviser to the Dümmen Orange North America team.

The North America commercial team will continue to be led by Eduardo Flores. Finance will continue to be led by Frank Magnusson, and operations will continue to be led by Kate Santos.

After purchase, C. Raker and Sons becomes Raker-Roberta’s Young Plants

There have been minimal changes in management, products and services, the company says.

The company formerly known as C. Raker and Sons has been officially purchased by Eric Wallien of Roberta’s of Waldron, Ind., according to a press release. It has recently changed the name of its business to Raker-Roberta’s Young Plants.

There have been minimal changes in management, and Raker-Roberta’s Young Plants will be providing the same products and services on which C. Raker and Sons has built its reputation in the industry, according to the release. The company asks that customers, suppliers and business partners bring this announcement to the attention of other departments within their organizations and direct them accordingly.

The office location, phone, and fax numbers will remain the same as below (mailing, billing, and shipping address):

Raker-Roberta’s Young Plants
10371 Rainey Road
Litchfield, MI 49252
Phone: 517.542.2316
Fax: 517.542.2565

Customers will notice the name change soon on all of the company’s mailings, packaging, invoices and promotional materials.