Dr. Earth

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Dr. Earth supplies the highest quality organic products without compromise — which is why the company’s tagline is “the root of organic integrity.”

July 12, 2018

“Home Grown Food: The essential gardener’s guide to growing, harvesting and buying healthy fruits and vegetables.”

Milo Shammas and his company, Dr. Earth, are no strangers to success in organic horticulture. As the “Godfather” of probiotic soils, he was the first person to produce organic, prepackaged soils that were inoculated with living microorganisms. This unique approach revolutionized the organic, prepackaged soil and fertilizer markets and caused many imitators to try to follow suit. In 2004, Shammas realized that the microorganisms contained in prepackaged soils could be susceptible to damage under extreme temperature conditions. The damage usually occurs when the soil is shipped or stored in very hot or cold temperatures. To rectify this problem, Shammas patented his ProMoisture Hydrate (derived from aloe vera). He discovered that by using an extract from aloe vera’s inner fillet, he could protect the living microorganisms within a prepackaged soil from extreme temperatures. This, again, revolutionized the organic, prepackaged soil industry. Simply put, if a prepackaged soil does not contain ProMoisture Hydrate, it cannot protect the microorganisms within from extremely hot or cold temperatures. ProMoisture Hydrate is just one example that demonstrates how Dr. Earth supplies the highest quality organic products without compromise. There is a reason why the company’s tagline is “the root of organic integrity.” All of Dr. Earth’s products are derived from the highest quality organic ingredients, contain absolutely no GMOs and are certified for organic production.

As previously mentioned, Milo Shammas is an inventor and currently holds four patents, including one for his ProMoisture Hydrate. He is a problem solver and loves to challenge himself to find innovative solutions to difficult issues. As the CEO of Dr. Earth, Shammas has proven himself as a business man, but it is his creative side that drives him and gives him purpose. It’s no wonder that his love of reading and writing, along with his passion for healing the earth, fueled his desire to become an author and publisher. In addition to being a CEO, inventor, publisher and author, Milo Shammas is an activist. He has consistently used his power to address real concerns that are normally outside the realm of an organic fertilizer company. The sad fact that many people around this world do not have access to clean water is a real concern for Shammas, which is why he personally supports the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. Milo Shammas is the type of guy who takes world hunger seriously; a problem that he can, and will, help solve. Shammas doesn’t just dream big, he makes big things happen. Shammas is motivated to make the most of his unique opportunity to generate significant change in our world, and he does it for the betterment of all of the Earth’s inhabitants. Shammas’s new website, miloshammas.com, will be a central hub for those interested in pursuing an organic lifestyle and/or getting involved in and learning more about his personal quests through activism.

There are many great scientists, philosophers, and activists who understand the importance of regaining Earth’s health. The harm we have done to our planet was originally done out of ignorance, but that is no excuse to continue damaging our planet. We can no longer deny that chemical fertilizers and chemical pesticides are causing real damage to the fragile ecosystems in our environment. We can no longer ignore the fact that there are many people around the world who do not have access to food or clean water. The time for change is now. Mahatma Gandhi said, “be the change you wish to see in the world.” One of the easiest ways to immediately make a real, significant change is to start an organic garden. From providing yourself and your family with fresh, organic produce to gaining more knowledge about living soils, the benefits of this seemingly insignificant venture are numerous. Milo Shammas’s book “Home Grown Food” can help gardeners of all skill levels practice organic gardening techniques and gain all of the benefits that an organic lifestyle provides. In a world where not everyone fully comprehends the significance of Hippocrates’s quote, “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food,” the book “Home Grown Food” stands out as a beacon of truth, integrity and real hope for our future.

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