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Fifteen years since its foundation as a wholesale greenhouse, Ohio-based Groovy Plants Ranch has rapidly grown with the spike of interest in houseplants and gardening. Take a look at some of their groovy offerings!

July 14, 2022

Groovy Plants Ranch, a popular destination plant shop just 30 miles north of Columbus, Ohio, announced the purchase of 11 additional acres in March, allowing it to multiply its plant offerings and host more events including plant workshops, a Succulent Solstice festival, its first crafts fair and plenty of weekend food trucks.

“When we first opened our doors seven years ago, we dreamed of becoming a destination plant store, and thanks to the overwhelming support of the community we’ve blown away our expectations,” says Jared Hughes, who together with his wife Liz co-owns the one-of-a-kind plant store known for its unusual plants and ‘70s Western vibe.

Now, 15 years since its foundation as a wholesale greenhouse, the business has rapidly grown with the spike of interest in houseplants and gardening. Take a look at some of their groovy offerings!

Photos by Ashley Wallace Photography
1) Owners Jared and Liz married in 2015, when they were sticking strictly to wholesale customers and their online store. Unexpectedly, they found themselves with the opportunity to purchase a greenhouse property in Fargo, Ohio, previously known as Fargo Herbs. It was a long shot for the newly married couple, but it felt like the perfect fit. Now, the business is already in its 15th year.
2) Almost every weekend throughout the summer, shoppers can find food trucks at the ranch. Sunny Sips is a favorite that offers smoothies and coffee, which make for quite the refreshing walk through the greenhouses.
3) & 4) The Potter’s Saloon has quickly become one of the biggest hits at the ranch. It’s a great space where visitors can pick out a planter and pot up their plants using Groovy Plants Ranch’s house-made soil at no additional cost. It’s a popular activity, and oftentimes customers bring their friends and family.
5) to 8) One thing is for certain; the team at GPR is vigilant about keeping plants looking lush and full of color. The greenhouses and rows of flowers boast all kinds of varieties from shade-friendly perennials to sun-loving annuals, air plants, rare plants, succulents and more.

9) In 2007, while working through college at Foertmeyer and Sons Greenhouse, Jared fell in love with plants. The desire to grow as many plants as possible, paired with a natural entrepreneurial spirit led him to begin propagating succulents and other unique plants in his limited free time. Their low care and ease of propagation made them a perfect starter crop for a full-time college student and greenhouse employee. In this photo, Jared poses in front of his hardy Japanese banana tree (Musa basjoo).

10) The Groovy Volkswagen is a popular spot for guests who are eager to post their visit on Instagram. GPR is quite active on the social media platform, and often shares stories with their 39,000+ followers about new arrivals, events and more.