Five Questions With Blythe Yost

Learn how Tilly is helping garden centers sell more plants from the co-founder and CEO.

1) What is Tilly?

Tilly can act as a design extension of a garden center or manage a garden center’s overflow design work during the busy season. Tilly’s online landscape design services are available nationwide and in Canada, and offer an affordable design option for homeowners.

2) How can Tilly help independent garden centers increase their plant sales?

Outsourcing design allows garden centers to focus on the customer experience and sales, while having a reliable and reputable partner who has extensive experience in design and different climates across the country. Tilly’s garden center partners have also seen that when customers have a complete plan, their spending on plants will increase! Many garden center partners offer a discount for bringing in their Tilly plan when shopping to ensure they come back!

3) Who are Tilly designers?

The Tilly design team is composed of landscape architects and landscape designers across the country who specialize in specific zones. When a homeowner signs up for the service, they are matched with a designer who is familiar with their climate.

The company was co-founded by me, a landscape architect and principal of two design companies in the New York area. The launch of Tilly addresses my passion for bringing high-end design to more homeowners through Tilly’s affordable prices and remote format.

4) What is the typical cost of a Tilly design?

Tilly’s pricing scales with the size of a property up to 2 acres. A small front yard (up to ½ acre) starts at $375, a backyard at $525 and full yard at $775. Additional services, such as 3D renders, lighting and irrigation plans can be added based on the client’s budget and the level of assistance they want or need.

“I never imagined I’d be able to afford a professional design! The knowledge and creativity of my designer was beyond what I could have ever imagined myself for my space. I can’t wait to execute my design.” — Carrie, Tilly customer

5) What are customers saying about Tilly?

Tilly has brought landscape design to a whole new group of homeowners. 70% of Tilly’s clients say they would have designed their yard themselves or skipped the project entirely. Finding a cost-effective solution is exciting and rewarding for this group of homeowners. Beyond that, the majority of Tilly clients don’t know where they will purchase plants, making garden center partnerships mutually beneficial.

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