Five questions with Scott Schaefer and Tim Gartrell

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The Aris Horticulture team shares information about tropical Tradewinds® Hibiscus and Plants for the Patio™ collection.

March 11, 2021

Scott Schaefer
Tim Gartrell

1. With the surge in outdoor living interest and more people staying close to home, what does Aris Horticulture offer retailers and growers?

Aris’ Plants for the Patio collection is the answer. Consumers want bright colors in their homes and gardens. The collection satisfies this for consumers. Complimenting tropical Tradewinds® Hibiscus are Suntory Mandevilla, Hydrangeas, Garden Mums, Hardy Igloo Mums, Hardy Hibiscus and Boston Ferns. Add in an extensive line of perennials for container and landscape use including Geranium Rozanne®, Lavender, and Herbs.

2. Can you tell us about Tradewinds and how this fits?

Tradewinds breeding has been ongoing for 40 years. With an offering of 19 varieties, we cover the color range with incandescent blooms, including the Cayman Combo — four colors in one pot. For the retailer, Tradewinds Hibiscus offers a large selection of sizes and forms: specimen trees, 8” and 10” pots, 10” hanging baskets, 4 ½ ” pot and popular 6” pot — the industry standard.

3. What does Aris do to assist retailers and retail growers?

Tradewinds Hibiscus are “retail-ready”; with proper care and handling, buds open quickly for fast turns. Aris’ unique Florida production system assures a high flower count in every pot. This provides non-stop blooming at retail and for the consumer, making Classic Tradewinds Hibiscus different than the competition. With Aris’ weekly delivery system, retailers get fresh product and uniform quality every week. Pre-pricing, UPC, SKU options are available. Tradewinds has two Care Tag options — stick stake tag or hang-on tag.

4. With high transportation costs and limited retail space during peak, does Aris have a JUST IN TIME program?

The Aris Route Truck system assures delivery at a reasonable cost. Aris trucks are dedicated loads with temperature control preventing leaf and bud drop. Aris Route Trucks run weekly late March-June. During other months Aris arranges LTL delivery.

5. Does Aris have a seamless ordering process?

Ordering weekly requirements is easy. Availability is refreshed daily. For the best selection, we offer ordering at the close of the season for the following year. Ordering is based on retailer need, by variety. We can create special orders for events, landscapes, and homeowner special occasions.

In summary, Aris Plants for the Patio collection is an important program for retailers and growers this spring.

With the flagship Tradewinds Hibiscus, backed by 40 years of hibiscus growing and marketing experience, the blending of other Aris products completes an inclusive product offering for retailers and retail growers. We know Tropical Hibiscus. Aris controls the process from breeding, production, distribution and retail support.

Visit our websites for availability, sell sheets, technical guides and marketing support. Our marketing department can provide high-res photos, customized sell sheets and POP materials.

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