Five Questions With Scott Schaefer & Laura Wagner

Aris Horticulture’s president & CEO and Must Have Perennials' senior product manager share what makes Igloo Mums standout perennials.

1) How do Igloo Mums differ from other perennial mums?

What makes Igloos special is that we have put hardiness at the top of our priority list. With a wide variety of colors and forms, the Igloos hold true as perennials in the garden. While many garden mums are still advertised as hardy, most are no longer true perennials. The Igloo series brings “autumn flower power” to perennial borders each year. They have a dense, mounded habit that is shorter than most garden mums and is covered in flowers all the way down to the ground.

2) What advice do you have for independent garden centers to market Igloo Mums?

Igloos offer so much versatility to programs for garden centers! As part of a perennial program, they can be sold in many sizes, from economical quarts in Spring to gallons and large show-stopping containers in Summer and Fall. They also fit into a standard mum program for seasonal sales. We also offer promotional tools for garden centers. Our POP package includes a beautiful banner, bench cards for displays, growing information tear sheets for customers and fun Igloo buttons that make great conversation starters for staff and customers.

3) What do you think is the ideal time to sell Igloo Mums?

The great thing about Igloos is that they can, in fact, be planted any time. While most customers will still come looking for mums in the Fall, there are several different planting schedules to choose from. For the price-conscious customer, offering quart pots for early Spring planting is a great option. The gold standard 1-gallon pot as part of your all-season perennial program is another favorite. The newest trend is large containers planted with multiple colors timed for Fall décor. Igloos add value as they can also be planted in the landscape to enjoy for years.

4) What colors of mums are popular with gardeners in 2022?

Every year comes with new favorites and trends, most of which have a regional twist. Yellow always seems to draw the most customers with orange following close behind. Our favorite Igloos are Pumpkin and Fireworks. We are also working on expanding our Igloo selection with a new red and a bicolor coming soon!

5) How can garden centers show their customers that mums aren’t just for Fall?

The Igloo series is tough enough to survive harsh winters, supply attractive green lobed foliage in the Spring and fill gardens with lovely blooms in the Summer and Fall as well. Display beds around the garden center are a wonderful way to show customers what these tough plants have to offer all season long. Must Have Perennials offers lots of information on our website. Customers can also follow Igloos on their favorite social media feeds and sign up for our newsletters and blogs.

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