Gard’N-Wise inks deal partnering with The Perfect Plant

Gard’N-Wise inks deal partnering with The Perfect Plant

The new technology agreement provides retailers with problem-solving solutions from manufacturers.

March 12, 2019

Gard’N-Wise has signed a deal with Marketing Garden for The Perfect Plant’s problem solver. The agreement combines synthetic and organic control products offered through Gard’N-Wise with The Perfect Plant’s technology for a ready-to-use problem solver for retailers.

©  Gard’N-Wise and Marketing Garden
Screenshot of The Plant Finder in action.

“Retailers face challenges with staffing, education, and having necessary information at their fingertips to help customers quickly and effectively,” John Bruntzel, sales manager for Gard’N-Wise said. “Tying the products we offer into The Perfect Plant allows retailers to offer staff a solid level of product knowledge from day one of employment.”

Gard’N-Wise will offer a base package to retailers providing a problem solver preloaded with solutions from manufacturers. Once the user identifies his problem, the system recommends products based on the application site like a vegetable garden, home interior, houseplants, landscape, etc. from the retailer’s product offering. It’s accessible by staff and customers from a retailer’s website and also throughout the store from the interactive shelf talkers. If desired, retailers can expand the platform to include the plant finder and/or instore kiosks based on their needs. 

Retailers are encouraged to reach out to their Gard’N-Wise rep for more information or they can contact Marketing Garden directly at or 888-85-PLANT.