100 top garden centers in America

The nation's biggest independent retailers - and what makes them tick.

May 18, 2011

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The United States retail garden-center market contains roughly 16,000 independently operated companies, according to a 2010 report by Research and Markets, the world’s largest market research source. The combined annual revenue for the lot of them is—again roughly—$30 billion.

After you account for all those rough decimal points and carry all the rough “ones,” you find the average retail operation nets almost $1.9 million per year—meaning that you do indeed have meaning in the big economic picture, as well as in the lives of the customers you serve.

Some of you, very much so—especially in the former category.

The Top 100 Garden Centers featured on the ensuing pages might be referred to as “the heavy lifters” of the industry. They’re the companies that record the most significant sales numbers* while luring significant numbers of customers through their doors over and over. Some are chains; others are single-store centers. Collectively, they represent the financial cream of the independent garden center crop, and they serve as excellent examples of businesses performing admirably.

And there’s nothing rough at all about that distinction.

*The companies listed among The Top 100 Garden Centers were chosen based on estimated annual sales that were derived from figures reported to Garden Center magazine, from information supplied by industry principles who work closely with the companies, from figures posted by small business research firms, and from data in published reports and stockholder records.

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