A soaring success

These five feeders will ensure that customers flock to your business.

What is it? The Effort-Less Birdfeeder from Zenith Innovation. Why should you sell it? The Effort-Less Birdfeeder is conveniently designed so that customers can get maximum results from minimal effort. The feeder slides up and down the center pole for cleaning and refilling. It also features a squirrel guard to protect its two feed trays. The feeder has a free-standing base as well. Each feeder comes with a five-year limited warranty. Where to find it? www.effortlessbirdfeeder.com

What is it? The Bird Feeder Handcrafted Garden Décor Ladybug from Regal Art & Gift. Why should you sell it? This whimsical feeder is hand-crafted from metal and hand-painted with rust-resistant paints. A special painting technique is used to create a patina effect and automobile paint is used to give the feeder its rich color. Where to find it? www.regalgift.com

What is it? The Log Cabin Birdhouse from Red Carpet Studios, Ltd. Why should you sell it? Your customers shouldn’t be the only ones with a trendy home! This unique birdhouse gives their feathered friends a humble abode while adding a bit of charming décor to their yard. The birdhouse is cast in polyresin and hand painted for high detail. It is approximately 13.5 inches tall. More than 30 other unique designs are available from Red Carpet Studios as well. Where to find it? www.rcsgifts.com

What is it? The Eco Fly-Thru Platform Feeder from Duncraft. Why should you sell it? This feeder is perfect for customers looking to invest in an eco-friendly product. It is made of durable, recycled plastic that won’t fade, crack, chip or warp. The material is non-porous so the feeder is easy to clean. Any seed or blend can be placed on the feeder’s platform and it has two recessed, removable cups for other treats. A pole with a mounting bracket is included as well for easy installation. Where to find it? www.duncraft.com

What is it? The Gable Bird Feeder from H. Potter. Why should you sell it? This durable, attractive feeder features an antique-copper finish with solid brass trim. Its glass seed container outlasts typical plastic containers. Cleaning and filling is a breeze as well, just remove the roof. All of these features will attract customers as well as birds. Where to find it? www.hpotter.com


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