Garden Center Products & Supplies


1. Tough Bird Feeder Guard

Cole’s Wild Bird Products Co.

This slim, attractive and affordable device fits poles up to 1 inch in diameter and stops squirrels and raccoons from climbing a feeder pole. When an animal climbs past the Tough Bird Feeder Guard it receives a static electric training pulse powered by a single 9V battery. Though effective, it’s harmless to the animals. They quickly learn not to climb the pole. The pole and feeder are safe for humans and birds to touch at all times.

2. Ceramic Hummingbird Feeders

Lone Wolf

Since 2000, Lone Wolf® has been creating and hand painting each of their ceramic hummingbird feeders by artists in New Mexico, USA. They are available in three sizes: Large (24 oz.), Short (6 oz.) and Raindrop (10 oz.). A proven winner, Lone Wolf® feeders are a garden favorite across the country. Available in a collection of colors and designs. Lone Wolf is the home of the best-selling Oriole Jelly Bowl, Mealworm Bowls and wild bird seed feeders.

3. Cole’s Hot MeatsTM

Cole’s Wild Bird Products Co.

Nutritious sunflower meats infused with fiery hot habanero chilies, Cole’s Hot MeatsTM are a great no waste, no mess feed. Peppers taste hot to mammals, but birds don’t feel the heat — all they taste is “Mmm mmm good!” Bluebirds and cardinals are especially fond of the hot Cajun flavor. Exclusively for independent retailers in 5, 10, 20, and 40 pound sizes.

Customer Supplies

1. MFG # 4WGC-D

Millside Industries Inc.

The MFG #4WGC-D cart features a double- tier deck, 4 inch by 10 inch pneumatic swivel wheels on one end, 16 inch wheels on the other end, metal anti-tip steering, a 2 inch high cargo lip around the deck, a powder coated finish and a 600 pound capacity.

2. Branded Trunk Mats

The Trunk Mat Co.

Dave and Leez Garlock created The Trunk Mat Company 30 years ago. Dave had the vision that customer service and quality product would help mom and pop garden centers survive the big box trend that was rising in the ‘80s. He believed that a plastic sheet in a customer’s trunk could go a long way to keeping customers loyal. He then took it a step further and realized that branding would also become vital in keeping local, independent garden centers successful. He created the Personalized & Custom Trunk Mat programs, giving customers an affordable option to print their own logo and business information.

3. MFG # 03562

Millside Industries Inc.

The MFG #03562 cart features high-impact polypropylene material construction, 4 inch by 10 inch pneumatic wheels with swivel wheels on one end, a 4-inch-high cargo lip around the deck, a black, powder-coated finish on the metal and a 300 pound carrying capacity.


1. Sign Hardware

Haiku Shade

Is it a signpost or a product display fixture? At Haiku Shade, we have expanded our sign hardware selection to include display mounted sign brackets and a variety of options for installing signs and banners in outdoor retail environments. Please visit our website and go to Sign Solutions to find new ways to improve your signage program. Made in the USA.

2. Sierra Artisan Mini-Planters


A new way to display tillandsias and succulents! Featherock’s popular pumice garden planter is now available in a mini size, perfect for decorating indoors or out. Available in two variations — single hole or double hole — Sierra ArtisanTM Mini Planters range from 4 to 10 inches and are one-of-a-kind gifts for any garden enthusiast.

3. Talavera Rabbits

Pottery Express

Talavera Rabbits — always a hit! This cute pair are always a customer favorite. Our Mexican Talavera is hand painted by talented artists and of the highest quality. Please see our online catalog for many planter shapes and sizes as well as whimsical figurines and artistic sculptures. Available in both traditional and modern patterns.

4. LunaLite Glass Terrarium

Echo Valley

Turn any living or faux miniature capsulated vignette into an illuminated oasis courtesy of Echo Valley’s new LunaLite Glass Terrarium. Individually produced from hand-blown glass, the clear 5-inch orb is large enough for planting and creating interchangeable miniature scenes. The solar module adorning the unit comes with a wire bail for hanging and, because it is flat along the bottom, the terrarium can be displayed on a table-top surface as well! Attractively packaged, the item is available for shipment now.

5. Whimsical Michoacana Frog Planter

Pottery Express

The whimsical Michoacana Frog Planter will put a smile on your face! This planter is available in two sizes and will make a great addition to a porch or yard. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and guarantee your satisfaction with our products. Please visit our website to view our new Talavera and Asian catalogs. We have many planter shapes and sizes as well as whimsical figurines and artistic sculptures. Questions? Email us at or call (941-505-8400).

6. Flower Tower

Eckert’s Greenhouse

Bring the “WOW’ to your garden center entrance with our pole displays. Bring the “WOW” to your local cities with our water-and labor-saving baskets. Bring the “WOW” to your retail customers with our weekender baskets. All our baskets have an unheard-of 10 year warranty. Our iron fits on any type of pole, round or square, 3 to 8 inches. Beautifying the U.S. and Canada from backyard to main street.

7. Tom’s Truck Planter

The Brookfield Co.

Only from The Brookfield Co. can you get the detail, unique quality and fine finish in weather-durable concrete garden accessories. To see the entire collection, visit our website. Contact us for pricing and shipping quotes — email:, phone: 706 375-8530. All Brookfield products are proudly made in Georgia.

8. Fiber Stone Container Collection

Orlandi Statuary

Our fiber stone collection is composed of lightweight outdoor fiberglass with a mixture of stones and sand cast into the surface to give the appearance of aged concrete while increasing its strength and function. The advantages of fiber stone include its reinforced fiberglass backing, keeping the piece lightweight and less fragile than concrete while still being safe for outdoors. The results are beautiful, eye-catching pieces of art that our customers will be proud to own.

9. Large Lion Planter

The Brookfield Co.

Brookfield’s Large Lion Planter is the largest of the Lion Group of Planters. Exquisite detail and finish, this concrete planter enhances its surroundings! Visit our website to see the entire collection. Contact the company for pricing and shipping info — email:, phone: 706 375-8530.


1. Nutra-Green


Nutra-Green is a unique and true all-purpose fertilizer. Nutra-Green contains all the essential nutrients needed by the plant in a completely balanced, organic-based formula, ideal for optimal plant development. Nutra-Green contains all the macro and secondary nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium and sulfur) and a full range of micro-nutrients (iron, zinc, manganese, copper and boron) in high-balanced concentrations. All nutrients are in a form readily available and taken up by the plant. Nutra-Green is one of most effective, organic-based foliar products on the market today.

2. oxyCLONE Pro Series Cloning Systems


Available exclusively from Hydrofarm, the oxyCLONE Pro Series offers growers simple recirculating deep water culture systems which work with a variety of cuttings. Now powered by Active Aqua’s® premium, BPA-free water and air pumps, oxyCLONE systems include non-toxic EVA foam inserts. These oxyCERTS come in multiple colors and feature a special, no-pinch design. The Active Aqua premium water and air pumps are the heart of the oxyCLONE systems. Each submersible water pump has a Venturi feature, which draws air into the water. The adjustable Active Aqua air pumps and the air stones bring additional oxygen into the system. No other cloner delivers dissolved oxygen like the oxyCLONE! oxyCLONE systems are available in compact 20-site versions, as well as 40-and 80-site versions. Get your clone on!

3. Seed Tape

Olds Garden Seed

Seed tape is convenient, easy to use and eliminates thinning as seeds are evenly spaced on the paper tape. Countertop display can be merchandised by your seed display and multiple placements on endcaps and register checkout counters.

4. Adjustable Railing Planter

Apollo Exports International

Fits on any sized deck or fence railing from 1 to 4 inches wide! Works on chain link, wrought iron, composite and standard wooden rails. Planter arms are adjustable and lower stabilizing arm keeps planter perfectly level. Hidden tray separates plants from reservoir; with slits to allow only the roots to reach the water reservoir below. No tools required. Available in three colors — Terra Cotta, White, Green. Measures 24 inches long by 7.5 inches wide by 7.5 inches high.

5. Duogrow

Future Harvest

The Duogrow holds 12 liters of water, releasing it to the roots of the plants in its two pots, as and when the plants need it. This is a great garden for any patio or sundeck. Move your Dougrow indoors with the addition of SunBlaster Lighting and accessories and grow all year round.

6. The Clone Shipper


Now available from Hydrofarm, the Clone Shipper provides the perfect solution for those who need to ship clones and young plants in a safe, secure manner. The Clone Shipper is designed with an LED light which keeps the plant in the vegetative stage of growth throughout the shipping process. The Clone Shipper packages the plant in a manner that allows it to breathe, and is constructed so that the roots, stem and leaves are supported securely during transport. There are also no worries about leakage or soil/media displacement — plants arrive ready for replanting. For more information, please visit your nearest Hydrofarm-authorized dealer or our website.

7. Summer Stress 0-0-9

Arborjet, Inc.

ARBORChar Summer Stress 0-0-9 is a fertilizer, water manager, and biochar blend for improving leaf greening, root development, and soil structure in plants, trees, and shrubs. ARBORChar mixes the holding capacity of Biochar with naturally derived nutrients and minerals to provide plant nutrition while supporting beneficial soil micro-biology. Perfect to apply in hot summer conditions, it contains a humectant technology, which draws water into the soil as well as iron, magnesium, and potassium to promote greening. Available in 1 and 4 pounds and covers up to 400 square feet.

8. Nutra GelTM


A unique and advanced slow release fertilizer that is superior to others. Essential nutrients required by plants are infiltrated with this gel. These nutrients are in a specially balanced formula designed for optimum plant growth. This gel can hold up to 200 – 400 times its own weight in water, which helps retain moisture in the soil. Nutra Gel provides continuous fertilization for up to 4 to 6 months. Best of all, it is easy to use and it enhances your plants and soils nutrition. This product is great for hanging baskets and containers, and wonderful in the spring for transplanting.

9. Tree Starter Point of Purchase Display

Around the Home & Farm

Around the Home and Farm has designed the perfect Point of Purchase Display to offer both Tree Starter Kits and Tree Watering bags in one convenient location. Its 24-by 24-inch footprint make this POP the perfect size for any end cap display, or it can be strategically placed in any garden center location. Its moisture-resistant adhesive construction will give the Tree Starter POP Display the ability to be placed in most garden center settings. This unique profit center offers the perfect accessory for every tree sold. POP includes 12 Arbor Springs Tree Starter Kits, 12 Oasis Tree Starter Kits, 15 Arbor Springs Tree Water Bags and 15 Oasis Tree Watering Bags.

10. Dual Deck Railing Planter

Apollo Exports

Fits both 4 inch and 6 inch deck rails! Your customers will love how they fit securely without using any tools, brackets or mounting hardware. Not only will their decks come alive with color, but they will free up valuable deck space as well. And you will free up valuable retail floor space by only having to advertise one sku that fits both 4 inch and 6 inch rails! Taller and deeper than most railing planters — they measure 24 inches long by 11 inches wide by 11 inches high and come in six earth-tone colors. Made in the USA.

11. Urban Garden Planter


CedarCraft Urban Garden Planter is perfect for patio, balcony or backyard gardening. Easily grow tomatoes, vegetables, herbs or your flowers anywhere. Elevated design minimizes back and knee strain while protecting plants from rabbits, gophers and pets. Easy to assemble. No tools required. Made from rescued pieces of untreated Canadian Western Red Cedar. Best of all, no trees are specifically harvested to make CedarCraft planters. National Hardware Show May 4-6, Booth #11553.

12. Arbor Springs and Oasis Tree Starter Kits

Around the Home & Farm

Our Tree Starter Kits will help to ensure that new trees have a healthy start to life. With two Tree Starter Kits to choose from, you will be able to pick the best fit for your tree’s needs. Offering protection from drought, wind and bark damage is extremely important for healthy tree growth.Tree Starter Kits include a choice of Arbor Springs or Oasis Tree Watering Bags, three heavy duty tree stakes with protective harness and ties and a heavy duty bark protector, fitting trees up to 4 inches in diameter.

13. Natural Pumice Gravel


Featherock pumice gravel is the premier soil amendment for increased drainage and nutrient retention. Used for decades in the gardening world, pumice is a tried and true way to enhance the quality of your soil. Although lightweight, pumice will not float away like perlite, making it a cost-effective addition to your soil mix. Add 10 to 30% pumice to your soil for best results. Available in 5 pound bags, supersacks, or bulk.

14. All Purpose Grow 5-6-4 / Root, Flower & Fruit 3-6-4

Arborjet, Inc.

ARBORChar All Purpose Grow 5-6-4 and Root, Flower & Fruit 3-6-4 are organic fertilizer and Biochar blends for improving leaf vigor, root development, and soil structure in plants, trees, and shrubs. ARBORChar mixes the holding capacity of Biochar with naturally derived nutrients and minerals to provide plant nutrition while supporting beneficial soil micro-biology. Added calcium helps to inhibit blossom end rot. Has a neutral pH and produces minimal dust. Mix 1 tsp in a 6 to 8 inch container or 1 pound to cover 200 square feet.

15. Quadgrow

Future Harvest

The Quadgrow holds 30 litres of water, releasing it to the roots as and when the plants need it. Ideal for growing tomatoes, beans, aubergines, peas, peppers and anything else that is a little larger. The Quadgrow can also be used indoors where desired.

16. Chicken Print Shoes and Boots


Using the power of new media to understand what our customers really want, our new “Chicken Collection” was developed entirely online with our Facebook fans. The result has “Chickenistas” going crazy for these cute chicken print shoes and boots! Perfect for backyard chicken chores or just showing off, our boots and shoes feature “All-Day-Comfort” insoles and signature deep lug tread! Available in Barn Red and Daffodil Yellow. To learn more about Sloggers, join their online community at

Mini Gardening

1. Top Collection Bunny Figures

Top Land Trading, Inc.

Top Collection Miniature & Fairy Garden is introducing over 50 wonderful new products this spring! These enchanted bunny friends are journeying on a leaf boat to visit their bunny buddy stuck in a cabbage! Our bunny collection is irresistibly cute and a must-have this Easter for your garden center! With nearly 500 pieces in our line and growing, we emphasize amazing details, cute designs, and great quality! Bring a sparkle of magic into your home and garden with the Fairy Garden line from Top Collection.

2. Top Collection Garden Sprite Figure

Top Land Trading, Inc.

Shhh ... don’t disturb the friendly little Garden Sprite and squirrel reading in your garden! Follow their adventures with this newest line from Top Collection Fairy Garden. You don’t want to miss out on their cuteness this season; they’re a must-have this spring for your garden center! With nearly 500 pieces in our line and growing, we emphasize amazing details, cute designs, and great quality! Bring a sparkle of magic into your home and garden with the Fairy Garden line from Top Collection.

3. Pixie Plants

Central Florida Ferns & Foliage

The Central Florida Ferns & Foliage Pixie Plants mix is a collection of ferns, foliage and succulents for glass terrarium gardens, container mini-gardens or succulent gardens. Its fern selection includes Pteris, mahogany, maidenhair, bird’s nest, Boston types, Selaginella, Autumn, Korean rock and more; to Ficus, ivy, begonias, Peperomia, Fittonia, Pilea, Hypoestes, palms and baby tears. The 2-inch garden plants give mini gardens variety, texture and interest.


1. Oats for Cats

Olds Garden Seed

Sell oodles of Oats for Cats with Olds’ attractive Oats for Cats counter display. Cats love to nibble sweet oats, which aid feline digestion and may eliminate hairballs. Oats for Cats are popular year-round with pet lovers. Easy, fun and fast growing! Ready to serve in 10 days.

2. First Editions® Pink Sparkler™ Birchleaf Spirea  (Spiraea betulifolia ‘COURISPI01’ PPAF)

Bailey Nurseries

Bred in France, Pink Sparkler™ blooms in early summer with large pink flowers at the terminals of this rounded shrub. In autumn, new flowers are formed and bloom along the leaf axils in each stem. These flowers add a pop of pink color to the fall landscape. Then, the leaves turn a lovely burgundy red. The shape is a lovely rounded mound and this plant needs very little pruning to keep its perfect shape.

3. Butterfly Series Echinacea

Plants Nouveau

These improved, single flowered selections have amazingly saturated bloom colors on small statured plants that are truly garden hardy. The Butterfly series was named because hundreds of butterflies visit each and every plant in the breeding fields. These are the perfect retail end cap perennial because they look terrific in a pot, and with the number of blooms and amazingly intense colors, they will fly off the shelves and into people’s gardens.

4. BrazelBerries Perpetua

Fall Creek Farm & Nursery

Perpetua is a true double-cropping blueberry that sets one crop of fruit in mid-summer and then flowers and fruits a second time to provide ripe fruit in the fall. This landscape beauty is somewhat vase-shaped, growing upright to 4’-5’ tall. The leaves are a rich, glossy dark green and curly or twisted in the spring and summer, turning to deep reds and greens in the winter. The new canes are bright yellow and red when dormant which adds vibrant color to the winter landscape. Perpetua has smallish berries that are mild and sweet. Zones: 4 – 8.

5. First Editions® Ruffled Red Magic Crape Myrtle (Lagerstroemia ‘PIILAG-VII’ PPAF)

Bailey Nurseries

First Editions® Ruffled Red Magic Crape Myrtle has distinctly different, carnation-like, glowing red flowers that show beautifully against the lustrous dark green foliage. Foliage turns orange-red in fall. The habit is upright, but compact, with dense branching. Ruffled Red Magic reblooms in late summer if the first flush of flowers is deadheaded. It is also resistant to Cercospora leaf spot and powdery mildew, which is quite a breeding accomplishment in red crapes. Bred by Plant Introductions, Inc.

6. Japanese String Gardens

Batson’s Foliage Group

Batson’s Foliage Group introduces retail-ready kokedama; commonly called Japanese string gardens. They pack with six assorted fern varieties and are available for immediate shipment via FedEx. One case minimum. Contact us at 352-735-6835.

7. BrazelBerries® Pink Icing

Fall Creek Farm & Nursery

With breathtaking spring and fall foliage, BrazelBerries® Pink Icing is sure to stand out in any garden. Spring brings a lovely new foliage color that has varying shades of pink mixed with blue and deeper greens. In winter, Pink Icing’s foliage takes on a stunning iridescent turquoise blue foliage hue, which looks striking when planted en masse. Perfect for small spaces on patios or decks, Pink Icing will grow 3-4 feet tall with a slightly spreading habit. Enjoy its large, sweet berries during mid-summer. Grow in full sun in zones 5-10.


1. Stainless Steel Pistol Grip Dibber

Joseph Bentley

The Joseph Bentley Pistol Grip Dibber cuts down the time spent sowing by letting you quickly dig a row of planting holes for large seeds and seedlings, simply by pushing the dibbing point into the soil. The stainless steel point has been polished for a smooth finish, whilst also ensuring minimal soil adhesion, and is attached to a pistol handle of FSC Certified oak wood, providing a comfortable grip with the vintage appeal so admired in the Joseph Bentley collection.

2. Weed Dragon®

Flame Engineering

The Weed Dragon® propane torch kit is perfect for naturally controlling weeds around the home, in gardens or in the yard. It also works great to eliminate the freeze thaw effect on those winter days when the sidewalk or driveway has been cleared use the Weed Dragon® to first melt the thin layer of snow, second to sweep the moisture to the side and third, continuing to dry the affected area, eliminating the freeze/thaw effect.

3. Joseph Bentley Stainless Steel Daisy Grubber

Joseph Bentley

The Joseph Bentley Daisy Grubber is perfect for removing daisies and other tap rooted weeds, thanks to its polished shaft and head of stainless steel. The two sharp prongs can be slid under a weed and then pulled out with ease, thanks to the wide leverage panel on the tool’s underside. Built to a size that can tackle even the more deeply rooted weeds, the daisy grubber is finished with a contoured handle of FSC certified oak wood.

4. Mini Dragon

Flame Engineering

The Mini-Dragon offers an opportunity to experience flaming for natural weed control, its effectiveness with extreme convenience and portability in eliminating weeds safely without chemicals. The Mini-Dragon is powered by clean burning propane from a small 14 oz. to 1 pound propane cylinder (not included) providing up to 1 ½ hours of flaming time. Ideal for spot weeding or thawing small, iced up areas.

5. Dura-Bench Original and Ultra Plastic Bench Tops

Southwest Agri-Plastics

Southwest Agri-Plastics is proud to offer Dura-Bench Original and Dura-Bench Ultra plastic bench tops. All Dura-Bench products are engineered to replace wood, wire and expanded metal on greenhouse benches at a comparable price. The non-porous polypropylene plastic material eliminates rot, cracks, splinters, rust and sharp edges that are found on other types of bench tops.

Wind Chimes

1. Navigator Wind Bell

North Country Wind Bells

Chart your spirits to the sea with the newest wind bell, “The Navigator” and the white Compass Rose windcatcher! Visit the website to hear the series of bells from nature, nautical and more in unique designs. “With every gentle wind the recipient will have a lovely reminder of you!”

2. Double Tinkler Chime

Bottle Benders

Our chimes are 100% hand-made in America. The chimes show up nicely on a patio or in a garden and are sure to enchant those nearby with their delightful tinkling. Give your customers something new this spring! Wholesale prices start at $8. With more than 100 styles to choose from, we have a chime for everyone!

3. Arabesque® Wind Chimes

QMT Windchimes

Arabesque® wind chimes are taking the stage! Built upon our best-selling Corinthian Bells® wind chimes, Arabesque® are a sophisticated hand-tuned chime that’s dressed to impress.

4. The Nashville®

Music of the Spheres

The Nashville®, a Music of the Spheres original composition, encompasses the complexities of the major seventh and ninth intervals of the pedal steel guitar. It evokes the serenity of a peaceful Highland Rim sunset.

5. Kromatix® Wind Chimes

QMT Windchimes

Let the wind ring wild with Kromatix wind chimes, new from QMT Windchimes! Kromatix boasts four vibrant colors and an appetite for fun. Kromatix chimes are centrally pinned for excellent, long lasting sound. Hand-tuned and made in the USA.

6. Pointed Fir of the North

North Country Wind Bells

Inspired by the tall and slender trees in the wilderness, North Country Wind Bells® designed this wind bell to reflect the beauty of nature, complete with a pine cone cut within the windcatcher. Visit the website to hear the series of bells from nature, nautical and more in unique designs. A proud green company, made in Maine!

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