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October 18, 2016

Bird Houses/Feeders

1. GreenBird House

The GreenBird House is made from a three-layer laminate of recycled paper. The bonding agent is water resistant. This combination allows the house to last through the nesting season, and then it is biodegradable. Some houses last into a second season. The kit contains two die-cut sections of the house, a 100-percent cotton hanging strap and instructions for simple assembly. The house can be assembled in a matter of minutes. It can be used white, just as it is, assembled inside out for a brown house or painted. Wrens, titmice and nuthatches are the birds that the house is designed to shelter. We have had reports of chickadees moving in, too.

2. Gourd Birdhouses
Lucuma Designs

Small backyard birds can nest in style with these gourd birdhouses. They feature a 1.25-inch, roofed opening, drainage holes, and a natural interior just as birds like it. Each one is carefully hand-carved by Peruvian artists and then colored with fire using a traditional technique called pyrography. These fair trade birdhouses make original outdoor gifts and beautiful porch decorations.

3. Magnolia Bird Feeder
Desert Steel

The Magnolia Bird Feeder from Desert Steel is 100 percent powder coated for all-weather protection and durability, and works with virtually any seed type to attract a variety of birds. An opening in the bottom of the seed ball allows the seed to drop onto the petals for feeding. The steel feeder is 10 inches wide by 14 inches long by 6 inches high.

Customer Guides

1. COL-MET Table Top Sign Holders

Easy, convenient and sturdy, the COL-MET self-standing one-piece table top sign holder can be used for both indoor and outdoor displays. The galvanized or durable powder coat finish is available in green, brown, black, red, white or blue colors. Several sizes are also available. American Made. American Strong.

2. The Perfect Plant®

The Perfect Plant® is an interactive kiosk for your garden center and now also for your website! Acting as a silent salesman, it categorizes your thousands of plant SKUs in an easy-to-find fashion. The effort of searching for plants is reduced and your customer interaction time is more efficient. The Perfect Plant® puts your plant information where you want it, at your customers’ fingertips. To learn more, schedule a demo now!

3. Plant Signs

Increase Signs. Increase Sales! Signs serve like a silent sales team. Strategically placing signs in key locations throughout your nursery or garden center can help educate, inform and persuade your customers, even when a sales associate is not available or on hand. COL-MET is the largest manufacturer of steel galvanized nursery sign holders in the industry. COL-MET sign holders are made with prime galvanized steel for indoor or outdoor use. Designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, sign holders are an economical, durable alternative to plastic signs that fade and crack outdoors. American Made. American Strong.


1. Mocha Knitted Shade Cloth
DeWitt Company

Add beauty and protection from the sun to your home with DeWitt’s new Mocha Knitted Shade Cloth. DeWitt’s quality knitted shade cloth is made from 100% UV stabilized polyethylene and holds up under the most extreme solar conditions.

2. American-made Rustic Wood Signs
VJ Studio

See our large selection of seasonal, garden, and whimsical signs. These impulse sales are crucial profit builders. VJ Studio signs are 100% handcrafted from start to finish, prices start at $3.95. Our weathered look is truly unique to VJ Studio signs.

3. Triple Ball Spinner
Red Carpet Studios

These spinners are made of steel and available in four different styles. Shown is the Triple Ball Spinner. 88 inches tall, 30 inches wide. These larger-than-life spinners bring color, size and movement into your yard or garden.

4. Edi-Sol Solar Lights
Echo Valley

Echo Valley’s® new Edi-Sol Solar Lights are the first products of their kind to convert the energy of the sun to power a series of light bulbs inspired by their namesake, Thomas Edison. Each bulb has a series of LEDs that simulates the warm, amber glow of a tungsten filament light bulb. Whether hanging or staked, each Edi-Sol solar light will bring the relaxing ambiance commonly found in indoor settings to outdoor living spaces. Available in December, call Echo Valley at 800 592-9678 for more information.

5. Sierra Artisan Mini-Planters

Sierra Artisan Mini-Planters are made from Featherock® natural, lightweight pumice. The beautiful, marbled-grey pumice stone will captivate your customers and invite their curiosity. Each stone is hand-picked in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California — no two planters are the same. Available in a 4-6 inch stone with one hole or a 6-8 inch stone with two holes — the perfect size to plant with Tillandsia or miniature succulents. UPC stake tags are available upon request.

6. Vermont Cedar Chair Line
Vermont Cedar Chair Company

Based on the concept of using leftover wood from the natural selection process of forgotten trees, Vermont Cedar Chair Company has regenerated outside furniture with green and sustainable products that add function, style, and comfort to your customers’ patios, decks or gardens. Honing strict sustainable harvesting methods, every part of the tree is used to create the original Vermont rustic cedar line that uses white cedar and manila. Known for its ability to withstand the elements, white cedar weathers to a silvery gray over time. Manila fiber, chosen for strength and longevity, is the most rot-resistant natural fiber on Earth and is used for riggings on old ships.

7. Shovel Double Spinner Stake
Red Carpet Studios

This stake is made with powder-coated metal and includes an H stake bottom and a solar ball that can change colors or stay solid white. 63 inches tall by 24 inches wide. A great addition to any yard or garden to add color and movement.

8. Glass Top Garden Stakes
Zaer Ltd.

51-inch-tall glass top garden stakes available in six assorted colors. 48 pieces/6 assorted colors, minimum order quantity.

9. Flower Tower
Eckert's Greenhouse

Bring the "WOW' to your garden center entrance with our pole displays. Bring the "WOW" to your local cities with our water and labor saving baskets. Bring the “WOW" to your retail customers with our weekender baskets. All our baskets have an unheard of 10-year warranty. Our iron fits on any type pole, round or square, 3 to 8 inches. Beautifying the U.S. and Canada from backyard to main street.

Garden Gear

1. Multi-color Print Shoes

Sloggers, maker of the “best reviewed garden shoe” for all-day comfort, has released three new prints for 2017. The series features a multi-color dot pattern, an abstract swirl and daily casual floral design (pictured). Fans of Sloggers will tell you Sloggers are so comfortable they wear them all-day long, even after the garden work is done.

2. Natural Pumice Gravel

Featherock 100% Natural Pumice Gravel is the premier soil amendment for increased drainage and aeration in the garden. Used for decades in the horticulture industry, pumice is a tried and true way to create well-draining soil. Although lightweight, pumice will not float away like perlite, making it a cost-effective addition to your soil mix. It can also be used in terrariums, fairy gardening, or as a decorative ground cover. Available in 5-pound bags, supersacks, or in bulk.

Mini Gardening

1. Pixie Plants
Central Florida Ferns & Foliage

The Central Florida Ferns & Foliage 2 Inch Mini-Garden Mix is a collection of ferns, foliage and succulents for glass terrarium gardens, container mini-gardens or succulent gardens. Its fern selection includes Pteris, mahogany, maidenhair, bird’s nest, Boston types, Selaginella, Autumn, Korean rock and more; to Ficus, ivy, begonias, Peperomia, Fittonia, Pilea, Hypoestes, palms and Baby Tears. The 2 inch garden plants give mini gardens variety, texture and interest.

2. Decorative gravel and stone
Euro Quarries, LLC

From large boulders for landscape accents to matching pea-size gravel, Euro Quarries LLC has an array of choices, including nearly every possible color to help a designer achieve the best look. Sizes include large single pieces to small pouches for retail.

3. Eva the Garden Fairy
Studio M

Meet Eva, the Garden Fairy. She is strong-willed and determined to grow her own food so she can share it with her friends. Eva is one of five fairies in Studio M's brand new mini garden line, “Merriment,” designed by Mary Engelbreit. With bright colors and classic patterns, this is a collection you just won't be able to get enough of.

Plants & Seeds

1. Hibiscus SUMMERIFIC® ‘Perfect Storm’ PPAF
Walters Gardens

This new hardy hibiscus takes the popular ‘Summer Storm’ and transforms it into a compact, refined habit. At 3 feet tall, ‘Perfect Storm’ is about half the height of ‘Summer Storm,’ and the habit stays nice and tight. The plant still boasts dark wine purple foliage and huge 7-8 inch white flowers with a red eye with light pink edging.

2. Seed Tape
Olds Garden Seed

Seed tape is convenient, easy to use and eliminates thinning as seeds are evenly spaced on the paper tape. Countertop display can be merchandised by your seed display and with multiple placements on endcaps and register checkout counters.

3. Oats for Cats
Olds Garden Seed

Sell oodles of Oats for Cats with Olds’ attractive Oats for Cats counter display. Cats love to nibble sweet oats, which aid feline digestion and may eliminate hairballs. Oats for Cats are popular year ’round with pet lovers. Easy, fun and fast growing! Ready to serve in 10 days.

4. The Butterfly Series of Echinacea
Plants Nouveau, LLC

These improved, single flowered selections have amazingly saturated bloom colors on small statured plants that are truly garden hardy. The Butterfly series was named because hundreds of butterflies visit each and every plant in the breeding fields. These are the perfect retail end cap perennial because they look terrific in a pot, and with the number of blooms and amazingly intense colors, they will fly off the shelves and into people’s gardens.

5. Begonia MEGAWATT Series
PanAmerican Seed

This bigger-than-life hybrid begonia option opens the door to earlier spring sales for gardens, planters and baskets. MEGAsize, MEGAcolor series delivers the ultimate growing, selling and garden power, with great timing benefits, a unique color and more. First-ever Pink Bronze Leaf (pictured) and Rose Bronze Leaf go to market faster to grab spring sales, while Red and Rose Green Leaf deliver extra vigor for a bigger flower explosion.

6. Rosalie ‘Donahros’ (PPAF)
Donahue’s Greenhouse Inc.

This stunning new clematis first flowers in a deep, two-toned rose color. Flowers then take on a multitude of pink shades, all blooming at the same time. As the flower fades, it has a two toned lavender/pink flower. The dramatic burgundy anthers add to the beauty of this clematis. It is very free-flowering and blooms all along the stem. Blooms June through September and grows to a height of 7 feet. This new cultivar is Mark Donahue’s second clematis introduction and is named after his grandmother, Rosalie. We are certain this impressive clematis will be sought after for greenhouse production and home gardens. Available only through Donahue’s Clematis.

7. Wave® Plug & Play Combo Subtle Perfection

PanAmerican Seed

The all-new, all-seed Plug & Play program features 50+ trialed-and-proven combos, each selected after internal and external testing in multiple regions. Delivering unstoppable performance from bench to store to garden, this fresh, relevant collection includes 19 recipes that let you grow and sell good-looking, well-balanced, all-Wave mixes that are perfect for main-season “Better” programs. NEW Subtle Perfection features Easy Wave® Pink Passion, Easy Wave Silver and Shock Wave® Deep Purple.
8. Lime Sizzler Firebush (Hamelia patens ‘Grelmsiz’)
Garden Debut

Add some sizzle to your landscape or patio with Lime Sizzler Firebush. Highlighting lime green and sizzling red color, this fabulous feature plant is ideal as a patio plant or in mass plantings! Lime Sizzler is a great new drought tolerant firebush with two-toned leaves of green and yellow. Reddish, trumpet-like flowers bloom all summer and are attractive to hummingbirds. This upright spreader reaches 2 to 3 feet tall and wide, prefers full sun and is cold hardy to USDA Zone 7. Available from Greenleaf Nursery Company. Garden Debut®; 877-663-5053.

9. Coleus ‘Macaw’
Terra Nova Nurseries

New for 2016 and 2017, Coleus Terra Nova ‘Macaw’ has a compact, tight habit, and leaves that are maroon and lobed with cream centers. This self-branching plant makes for an attractive small container plant. ‘Macaw’ grows in zones 10-11 and requires shade to part shade in order to flourish.

Plant Care Products

1. ARBORChar All Purpose Grow 5-6-4 / Root, Flower & Fruit 3-6-4
Arborjet, Inc.

ARBORChar All Purpose Grow 5-6-4 and Root, Flower & Fruit 3-6-4 are organic fertilizer and biochar blends for improving leaf vigor, root development, and soil structure in plants, trees, and shrubs. ARBORChar mixes the holding capacity of Biochar with naturally derived nutrients and minerals to provide plant nutrition while supporting beneficial soil micro-biology. Added calcium helps to inhibit blossom end rot. Has a neutral pH and produces minimal dust. Mix 1 tsp in a 6 to 8 inch container or 1 pound to cover 200 square feet.

2. Dripping Springs Ollas
Dripping Springs Ollas

Clay pot irrigation, an ancient, efficient watering system, is making a huge comeback as gardeners are learning about it and seeing its value as an alternative to hoses and sprinkler systems. Very simply, clay pot irrigation consists of burying an organic unglazed clay pot, called an OLLA, in the ground up to the neck. The olla is filled with water and plants are planted outside the olla. A process called soil-moisture tension occurs, watering the plants as needed, saving up to 70 percent in water use. A DSO OLLA can water an 18 inch radius for three to five days, in a garden, raised bed or container. Suggested retail price: $35.

3. Solar-Heating Gro-Tunnel with Hydrothermal Water Tubes
DeWitt Company

Create a warm, humid environment for your spring, fall and winter gardens. The DeWitt Solar Heating Gro-Tunnel is constructed of DeWitt Fleece Cover, which absorbs the heat of the sun while allowing air, water and light through to stimulate growth. The Gro-Tunnel has two solar-heated water tubes that run along each side. Each tube holds 10 gallons of water, and when heated will release BTUs of heat at night. The floor of the Gro-Tunnel is made from DeWitt Weed-Barrier Fabric, which collects heat, prevents weed growth and conserves soil moisture, in turn promoting healthy plant growth, thus eliminating the need for herbicides. When plant maturity has been reached, you simply slide the sides of the Gro-Tunnel upward and harvest your crop. Fresh from the garden to the table! Each kit includes 2 solar-heated water tubes and 8 DeWitt Zip Ties, DeWitt Fleece Cover with built-in hoops, and DeWitt Weed-Barrier landscape fabric. One Company. One Call. Over 600 Products! 800-888-9669

4. ARBORChar Summer Stress 0-0-9
Arborjet, Inc.

ARBORChar Summer Stress 0-0-9 is a fertilizer, water manager, and Biochar blend for improving leaf greening, root development, and soil structure in plants, trees, and shrubs. ARBORChar mixes the holding capacity of Biochar with naturally derived nutrients and minerals to provide plant nutrition while supporting beneficial soil micro-biology. Perfect to apply in hot summer conditions, it contains a humectant technology, which draws water into the soil as well as iron, magnesium, and potassium to promote greening. Available in 1 and 4 pounds and covers up to 400 square feet.

5. Petra 35 Tomato Cage Kit
Marchioro USA

New colors are available for the Marchioro Petra 35 Tomato Cage Kit. Marchioro USA announces their popular Petra Tomato Cage Kit, previously available only in a terra cotta color, now being produced in their popular trend colors; Purple, Fuschia and Bright Green. The Petra 35 is a 13 ¾ by 11 ½ inch pot with a 3.7 gallon capacity. The kit comes with the pot, clips for attaching the cage, and sturdy wire gage that reaches about 27 ½ inches above the pot. Not only suitable for tomatoes, but any climbing plant.


1. Weed Dragon®
Flame Engineering

The Weed Dragon® propane torch kit is perfect for naturally controlling weeds around the home, in gardens or in the yard. It also works great to eliminate the freeze/thaw effect on those winter days. When the sidewalk or driveway has been cleared, use the Weed Dragon® to first melt the thin layer of snow, second sweep the moisture to the side and third continue to dry the affected area, eliminating the freeze/thaw effect.

2. Pro Line Battery Powered Tools
Greenworks Tools

The Greenworks Tools 80V Pro line of battery-powered garden tools include the 80V Pro lawn mower, leaf blower, chainsaw, hedge trimmer, string trimmer, snow thrower and more. All tools are powered by an 80-volt battery intended to replace gas-powered equipment with equal performance. The 80V Pro lawn mower boasts a 60-minute run time on one 30-minute charge.

3. Stainless Steel Daisy Grubber
Joseph Bentley

Deep taproots are no problem for this little powerhouse! The ingenious design allows you to burrow down with laser accuracy and rip out that troublesome weed at its base! The daisy grubber is constructed of ultra-durable polished steel and FSC certified oak, with a contoured handle that’s easy to grip and very comfortable. There’s no substitute for quality, and you will find this to be one of your finest and favorite garden tools!

4. Mini Dragon®
Flame Engineering

The Mini-Dragon offers an opportunity to experience flaming for natural weed control, its effectiveness with extreme convenience and portability in eliminating weeds safely without chemicals. The Mini-Dragon is powered by clean burning propane from a small 14 oz. to 1 pound propane cylinder (not included) providing up to 1 ½ hours of flaming time. Ideal for spot weeding or thawing small iced up areas.

5. BugBarrier Tree Band

This tree band can be installed and removed in five minutes or less, trapping insects without the need to touch the adhesive or bug carcasses. The BugBarrier Tree Band is a pesticide-free, pheromone-free adhesive banding system. It consists of a dense, flexible fiber barrier and a film barrier with peel off protective backing. When installed, the adhesive faces the tree, eliminating unsightly debris. Envirometrics Systems USA packages the BugBarrier Tree Band in retail kits for homeowners or professional installers.

6. Dura-Bench Original and Ultra Plastic Bench Tops
Southwest Agri-Plastics

Southwest Agri-Plastics is proud to offer Dura-Bench Original and Dura-Bench Ultra plastic bench tops. All Dura-Bench products are engineered to replace wood, wire and expanded metal on greenhouse benches at a comparable price. The non-porous polypropylene plastic material eliminates rot, cracks, splinters, rust and sharp edges that are found on other types of bench tops.

7. Open Bottom Trade Gallon Tray
Landmark Plastic

Landmark Plastic has developed a new trade gallon tray with an open bottom that enables plants to be watered from the roots up. This not only helps utilize water more efficiently, but also helps retailers reduce labor costs associated with the task of watering. When not in contact with capillary mat water flow, the new Landmark Open Bottom Tray provides drainage so plants don’t continuously sit in liquid, which could eventually lead to root rot and/or damage. Made from durable polypropylene, which improves handling and eliminates cracking, these new trays are ideal for multi-season use. The tray holds both its 6-count X-6.5NGT trade gallon containers and 6-count I-R600 injection molded trade gallon containers.

8. Ice Melt
Natural Alternative

Natural Alternative Ice Melt is a non-toxic and biodegradable blend of ingredients designed to be hard on ice and snow yet easy on sidewalks, vegetation and the environment. It melts ice to -16°F, is not toxic to fish, and it is safer for pets. It is listed with the Pacific Northwest Snowfighters (PNS) for reduced metal corrosion. It does not become slippery when wet and does not leave a greasy residue to track in on floors. Apply the product prior to snow storms to create a brine. As soon as it comes into contact with moisture, it will minimize ice and snow accumulations and thawing and refreezing cycles.

Wind Chimes

1. Southern Nights Chime
Bottle Benders

Bottle Benders’ Southern Nights chime is a delightful addition to any porch or garden. It’s 18 inches long by 6 inches wide and shows up well in any setting. All it takes is a gentle breeze to get it chiming away. The Southern Nights is handmade in the USA from all recycled glass wine bottles that are then melted flat. With a retail price point of $44, it appeals to a wide variety of customers.

2. Tree of Life Chime
Woodstock Chimes

The Crystal Fantasy — Tree of Life features a stylized tree with two birds in its branches and a cascade of green and clear crystals, ending in a stunning clear crystal almond-shaped drop. The beauty of the piece and the deep symbolism of the tree of life make it a lovely and meaningful gift.

3. Memorabell
North Country Wind Bells

Nascent in dreams, nurtured by love, luminous with fulfillment. Let the spiritual harmonies of the Memorabell deepen your soul’s journey. Three inspired designs and sounds are available in a pearlescent silver and star windcatcher. Made in Maine, a proud green company. See the wind bell series in North Country’s Wilderness, Lighthouses and Nautical lines!

4. Translucent Capiz Chimes
Woodstock Chimes

Our stunning Capiz Chimes are handcrafted with pride by artisans in Bali. The capiz shells used in our products are hand-dyed and are strung together with strong, invisible nylon cord. The resulting chimes provide a delicate tinkling musical sound and luminous color that is even more striking when light shines through them. In the 1500s, capiz were used as windowpanes in houses; now they are used in a variety of home décor items, including lampshades, vases and, of course, windchimes. Our newest Capiz Chimes are long, graceful waterfalls of shells in various shades, available in white (Blanca), blue (Azure) and purple (Violeta). There is also a multicolor version called Rainbow.