Garden Media Group releases 2022 trends report

Garden Media Group releases 2022 trends report

Here are the eight trends expected to drive the market into 2022 and beyond.

On Sept. 8, the Garden Media Group released its full trends report for 2022, which outlines eight trends retailers can expect from the gardening industry in the near future.

Per the Garden Media Group:

"The 2022 report shows the shift that has occurred in the green industry and beyond. It goes past ‘The Great Reset’ of 2021 and guides us through the customer mindset to better fit green products and services into this post-pandemic lifestyle. People are discovering more personal freedom – whether finding time to renovate spaces or transforming how they meet, learn, and stay connected.

This year we will see the world transition out of Crisis into Innovation. The 2022 Garden Trends Report peeks behind the curtain to reveal how customers define horticulture in 2022 and beyond. We have outlined eight trends for you to help push business strategy and create a shift in home and work design."

Garden Media Group also shared some highlights from the report, such as:

  • Who the ‘Creator Class’ is and how to position your brand amongst them
  • New ways to attract the Backyard Aficionado, the name of the 18.3 million new gardeners the industry obtained
  • What products are “flying” off the shelves
  • The color of the year 

Read the full 2022 Garden Trends Report: From Crisis to Innovation here.