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June 16, 2014

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The generation gap
As the green industry looks for its next generation of leaders, one movement aims to promote horticulture careers to the youth.

Q&A with Todd Downing
The ‘graying’ of the horticulture industry requires action right now, says the director of Key Corporate Services, LLC, an executive search firm in Fishers, Ind.


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Lawn & Landscape @lawnlandscape
Congrats to the man behind @GCImagazine and our benefactor at LL on many years of great work in the green industry.

Gardentoolbox  @Gardentoolbox  
This The Beatles hedge is one of the best in our 7 amazing and arty topiary hedges post and

Doug Fleener  @dougfleener  
Can you really motivate employees? Well....yes and no. Read more at