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Telescoping loppers
This bright lopper extends from 24 to 31 feet, so it’s great for big jobs. The lopper has a 1 ½-inch cutting capacity and it’s made from high-strength aluminum for a lighter load. The non-slip rubber grips also help your customers hang on.


ZeroTol spray provides immediate disease control for algae and bacterial and fungal diseases. The unique formula meets National Organic Program Standards and leaves no chemical residues. Easy application and quick results make it easy to use, even for new gardeners.

Organic compost blend
Soil Reef
This compost blend is a rich combination of biochar, compost and worm castings that moisten and enrich soil with beneficial microbes and nutrients. Great for home gardeners, it’s ready to use right out of the container.

Monhegan Blend Black Earth
Coast of Maine
Approved for organic growers, the Monhegan Blend Black Earth top soil is a blend of naturally composted barks and fine sand. The all-purpose soil is great for both lawns and gardens as a soil amendment.


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