Gardener’s Supply Company acquires Massachusetts garden center

Gardener’s Supply Company acquires Massachusetts garden center

The official closing of Hadley Garden Center is planned for early January 2020, and the retired owners will aid Gardener’s Supply Company with the transition through the spring season.


According to a press release, Gardener’s Supply Company, a Burlington, Vermont-based purveyor of garden gear, is acquiring a fourth garden center in Hadley, Massachusetts.

Hadley Garden Center has been serving gardeners and landscapers in western Massachusetts for 56 years. Retiring owners Tom and Janine Giles said, “We were fortunate to learn from and be inspired by Hadley Garden Center’s founder, Ed Machno, and his wife Fran, and eventually purchase the business from them in 1988. For the past 31 years, our team has solved gardening challenges, made friends, worked with amazing people, and enjoyed the support of the local community. We’re excited to transition the business to a great company like Gardener’s Supply.”

In addition to a robust catalog and e-commerce business, Gardener’s Supply Company already has three garden centers located in Burlington and Williston, Vermont, and in Lebanon, New Hampshire. CEO Jim Feinson says the company was extremely selective in its choice of a fourth garden center, and that Hadley was at the top of the list. “We’re proud and grateful to have the opportunity to help Tom and Janine with business succession. They’re just fantastic folks to work with and really smart, really caring business owners. The Hadley Garden Center has a terrific reputation and we look forward to building on their legacy.”

The official closing is planned for early January 2020. Tom and Janine will aid with the transition through the spring season. Pat Pearsall, retail general manager for gardener’s supply, says the company isn’t planning any sweeping changes. Hadley Garden Center employees will become employee-owners of Gardener’s Supply Company. Additional staff will be hired in late spring to assist in the uptick of the busy spring season.

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